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Have You Considered Selling Your Own Ebooks?

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Posted 4th June 2010 at 09:29 PM by Alton Hargrave

Study what others have written and add your own experiences to that. You don't have to worry about templates or anything fancy. Download OpenOffice (free) and use the "Writer" function. After you finish writing the guide, use OpenOffice to convert it to .pdf format. Use plenty of good content and leave out the fluff as advised above. Do not overload the content with too many self serving affiliate links. Make sure you use good spelling and sentence structure. Add a small amount of humor. Try to connect with the reader. Pay attention to the font style and font size. You need to make it easy to read. Keep it simple.

Use a graphics program such as GFXWriter to make a few graphics such as an ebook image and a good matching header image. You will need them for your sales page. ebooks with resell rights and sell them. Make sure you read the rights that come with them. Try to find ebooks that only a few other people are selling. Buy plr (private label rights) ebooks. You can usually rewrite and rename them. Avoid ebooks that come with master resell rights. There is no limit to how many other people that may be selling them.

Write a compelling sales page. Use honest, believable logic to identify the problem ( people typically seek information because they have a problem), explain how your guide ( do not call it an ebook) will solve the reader's problem, and how you are qualified to provide the answer to the problem.

Now, you have to find buyers. Put the guide up for sale on Ebay at a buy it now price and list it to run until you cancel the listing. Price the guide for 17 dollars in most cases. Anything less may be considered too cheap in quality is hard to get more for a guide unless it is out of the ordinary. Offer it with free shipping. You can offer upsells and list memberships on the cd you mail to the buyers.

Put the salespage for the guide on your website too. You can setup a website that is just for a particular product, but a more practical approach would be to setup a more generalized domain name and just make a new page for each guide or other product as they are ready to sell.

If you have a disc drive with LightScribe, you can purchase LightScribe cds on Ebay cheaply and imprint your own branding on the discs. Get on Ebay and buy a couple of hundred of the most lightweight cd mailers you can find. You can mail them anywhere in the USA for .88. They don't need bubble-wrap or insurance or delivery confirmation. If someone doesn't get theirs, you just send another. Rarely a problem. You don't need to get into outsourcing your delivery/shipping. Save that problem for later. Remember, you are just getting started.

That is how I do it. Others here would have their own ways. But, the main thing is to just get started. You can read about it all day, but until you actually get started, it may not all make sense. After your first one, the next is easier. And, you can find ways to refine your own system.
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