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Tips For Selling Digital Products on Ebay

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Posted 9th September 2010 at 09:29 PM by Alton Hargrave

One way...put products for sale on the cd you mail people. Yes, if you want to sell digital products on Ebay, you can, but you will have to mail your customers a cd with the products on it. This may seem a hassle, but you can actually make more money sometimes if you use the cd to make a special offer to them. Also, put an opportunity for people to sign up for you list on the cd. You could offer a more expensive version of your initially sold product on the cd. You can put all kinds of special offers on the cd.

You can make up these cds yourself to get your business started. I use LightScribe to label my cds. Keep a folder on your computer for each product you have for sale along with any bonuses, videos that explain your software or other product, auto-run files, etc. Then, I copy all of them to the disc. Always include a file to cause the disc to auto-run when the customer inserts it into their computer. Many people just don't know how to run a disc. Then, I insert them into very inexpensive light weight mailers along with a small piece of paper that explains how to insert the disc and wait for it to open and what to do if it doesn't open. This really helps cut down on the customer problems.

You don't need plastic disc holders. They just run the cost up and add to the mailing cost. I can mail these out for .88 USPS First Class mail. I have never had any complaints about the mailers. And, no need for insurance. Every once in a while someone doesn't get theirs. You just mail them another one.

The best place to buy the LightScribe cds and the mailers is on Ebay. Buy several hundred at a time. Of course, you must have a disc drive that writes LightScribe.

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