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Millionaire Mind: How To Think Like A Millionaire

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Posted 12th December 2008 at 04:48 PM by AlwaysMakingMoneycom

Recently I have been listening to Brian Tracy's "Million Dollar Habits: Proven Power Practices to Double and Triple Your Income" If you haven't picked up this CD compilation I highly recommend it.

Brian Tracy goes through his struggles to learn to make his first million & painfully it struck a cord with me. He stated that in his 20's he set a goal to be a millionaire by age 30. His thirtieth birthday came & went & yet he still wasn't a millionaire so, he moved his millionaire goal to 35 which also left him struggling financially & so he moved it to 40.
Finally, he realized that if you want to be a carpenter you study carpentry, if you want to learn to be a lawyer you study law. He, like me, had a goal to be a millionaire yet, he like myself had never put the time into learning what it takes to be a millionaire.

What do millionaires do, how do they think, what do they read, how do they handle situations.

I personally know an individual family that used to make a great living; traveled to Greece, Costa Rica often staying at an exclusive, members only resort in high Rockies to go mountain biking, now the wife goes to the local grocery store with food stamps.

Very, very simple. They put themselves there.

That's complex.
They thought themselves there. After long discussions, I learned that they secretly harbored fears that they would lose their money & they did. Though they were 'successful' for a time, they never really put forth the effort into thinking like a millionaire; now they do.

How To Think Like A Millionaire & Become A Millionaire

NOTE: You make a total commitment to changing yourself from the inside out. This isn't a one time effort. You can't follow the elementary teachings of The Secret & merely say, "I'm a millionaire" thinking you've put it out there to the Universe/God etc & then sit back & dream you millions into your lap. Trust doesn't work.

This revolutionary technique must be practiced twice a day for 15 minutes in the morning & 15 minutes in the evening. You must find a quiet spot where you won't be bothered; even if you have to put a chair in the closet or go sit in your car in the garage while your spouse watches the kids, that's fine. But, you need to be dedicated to it & do it for at least 30 days.

Step One: Clear you mind. You have to completely clear your mind of all thoughts of doubt, fear & uncertainty. Typically this doesn't happen instantly, you have to work at it. The best way I've found is that two thoughts can't occupy the mind at the same time; though they may flip back & forth in your mind quickly it's impossible for two thoughts to occupy the mind at the same time. Therefore, the trick is to first recognize what it is that you're thinking about; if it's not how to become or be a millionaire then change your thoughts.
Start by taking four deep breaths, to a count of four when you breathe in & four counts breathing out. What this does is slow your heart rate down & actually begins a physiological response to literally change your mind by changing your brain wave patterns to a state of learning.
After you've counted to four you should be relaxed. Now, begin counting down from 50 to 1 as you breathe in & out. You will notice a lot of thoughts coming into your mind that are the random chaos of life; acknowledge them & then push them aside. You may try saying a simple word, 'SUCCESS' over & over as you slowly count down.

More to come in the next article...
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