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Bring The Fresh - This Product Has It All - A Fresh Way To Really Start Profiting

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Posted 11th April 2011 at 11:17 AM by AmericanWoman888
Updated 11th April 2011 at 11:33 AM by AmericanWoman888 (Put blog entry into proper category)

Once in a blue moon, a product so good comes along, you are compelled to take your time to write about it and announce it to the world. Bring the Fresh is that product for me.

I have been in internet marketing for over 12 years now and have seen just about every online strategy presented as the ‘latest and greatest.’ Many of those products are just rehashed junk, some are good and some are spectacular. I think Bring the Fresh is a breath of fresh air and, quite frankly, spectacular.

BTF presents an easy, step by step method of how to create simple sites with simple monetization strategies. I was delighted to see that I did not need to build a 10 plus page site in order to start bringing in sales. A total of three pages for each site you build will bring in all the traffic you need to start making sales. Thanks to BTF, there is absolutely no question about what type of content to include. The type of content Kelly Felix and Mike Long recommend including is simple to produce and Google absolutely loves it. When Google loves your content, you can expect to be rewarded with high page rankings. This is the key to great traffic and ultimately sales.

The product claims that you can put up a site in less than 45 minutes and I feel that this is an accurate statement, once you have got your particular way of doing things down pat.

What about back-linking? I was also pleasantly surprised to see that the BTF strategy did not require one to place thousands of back-links to rank a tiny site. When you study and implement the BTF program you will understand the key to setting up a site properly so you don’t need tons of back-links. The site structure they teach, alone, is usually enough to land you on the highly coveted page one of Google for your keyword. Kelly and Mike teach you how to master the techniques very quickly.

So, you might be thinking: “I’ve been down this path before.” I have set up nice blogs with quality content and backlinked until my fingers nearly fell off and that only resulted in no traffic and no sales. Not to worry; there is a very helpful forum for BTF buyers. It comes standard with your purchase of Bring the Fresh and there are no recurring monthly charges either. Kelly and Mike are in the forum, available by email and, shockingly, they give out their personal cell phone numbers; just in case. It is wonderful to see product creators who stand behind their products; not hide behind them!

In short, Kelly and Mike cover how to build a site properly and quickly, next they show you how to rank it quickly, they also give specific instruction with regard to monetization strategies. You can be up and running with this product in no time and start seeing sales much more quickly than with many other programs I have implemented.

There is an upgraded forum that is always available to you called the Full Disclosure Forum. You can take your time with the basic BTF program, get some sales under your belt and then join or join right away. The Full Disclosure forum brings you the most up to date internet marketing news to keep you ahead of the other hungry marketers out there. This is an excellent benefit to keep in mind. Imagine having even more help with your internet business; you can’t help but be propelled to the next level in your business.

Bring the Fresh is everything I have spent more than 3 years researching and confirming as I have built my online empire of mini-sites. Want to save three years of fighting the internet marketing learning curve and unnecessary hassles and expense, then purchase BTF and get started right away. Kelly and Mike offer a $7.00 seven day trial and a generous refund period just in case you don’t think BTF is a good fit.

I hope for you Bring the Fresh works and gets you on the right path to passive profits right away.
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    I am a BTF full disclosure member. I will admit that it is an outstanding program in regards to being an affiliate marketer. It was a solid purchase.

    Kelly cut his teeth to millions with the Rich jerk program, and Google Adwords. Unfortunately, adwords is no longer feasible for the little guy. Or, the big players that Google does not deem worthy.

    As such, he devotes his marketing resources to SEO. For me, the most difficult part of the course is finding low competition keywords...especially for competitive niches.

    I have to summarize this by stating everyone should have some knowledge in regards to developing their own products. That, combined with BTF principles, will bring the most success.
    Posted 24th August 2012 at 07:31 PM by smokey58 smokey58 is offline

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