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What Is PLR And Is It Legal to Use?

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Posted 11th September 2017 at 08:39 AM by andrewm
Updated 11th September 2017 at 01:40 PM by andrewm (typo)

‘‘What is PLR and is it legal to use on my site?’ If you listen carefully to the noise in the market, you will hear this question asked by marketers and webmasters in discussions all-around the Internet. Let’s examine the term ‘what is plr’ first and then talk about its legality in another article.

When a curious searcher keys the term 'What is plr' into Google or any major search engine, more than likely they are referring to 'Private Label Rights’. Then again, it depends on who is doing the search. If the searcher is a webmaster or an Internet marketer, then more than likely they are referring to Private Label Right’s content.

What is PLR?

The term PLR from the perspective of an Internet marketer or webmaster is an abbreviation for the words Private Label Rights.

Private Label Rights is a licensing level for different kinds of resell rights products. Resell rights products can be videos, eBooks or even articles. Just to name a few.

Even though PLR is a licensing level, it is sometimes referred to as a top level umbrella name for all kinds of resell rights products. So If I say PLR I could be referring to ...............

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