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Posted 10th August 2008 at 01:19 PM by Angela V. Edwards

If you have found, at this point in your business, that you just can't keep up, it might be time to outsource. However, "outsourcing" doesn't necessarily mean that you have to find someone from Guru.com, Elance.com, or any of the other various sites that many have found it difficult to get good help from.

Today's High School and college kids have been working with computers just about since the day they were born. They have had access to them in almost every classroom since Kindergarten. Many adults have told me that when their computer is having problems, they ask their eight, nine, or ten year olds for help.

Many kids are looking for something to do after school to earn a buck. They haven't yet developed their adult-level skills and they aren't usually done with their schooling, yet. For these kids, this often means that they must find employment at McDonald's or the local movie theater.

Now, there is nothing wrong with these jobs; however, most people outside of these industries don't realize how energy consumming and difficult these jobs can be. Sure, they teach kids about customer service and the value of doing a great job, but have you ever thought about hiring a local teen to help you with your projects?

One of the benefits is that the teen almost always will be a native speaker of your own language. You won't have that barrier, if you decide to have him or her help you write articles. For another, these kids are often research geniuses. Trust me~they use the computer and search engines for putting together many of their school projects. If they plagiarize, they fail. They know what it means to "research" and then "put it into your own words".

These kids have got cell phones, PDAs, computers at school, computers at home, and all sorts of other techie gadgets. If you need help with your online business and you must pay someone to do some work for you, you might want to think about hiring a local teenager to help you out. You just might know their parents; they probably won't do the 'disappearing act' that many have had to deal with with people from sites like Elance.
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    Thanks for the tips Angela. =)

    My fear is having a virtual assistant who gets mad at me one day and erases everything. I think knowing a local teen's parents and hiring them is a pretty good idea!
    Posted 10th August 2008 at 04:53 PM by JasonParker JasonParker is offline
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    Peggy Baron's Avatar
    Hi Angela,
    I actually do outsource some of my stuff to a high school student. She doesn't have a "real job", but she's learning about following directions, keeping up with deadlines, and oh... how to invoice.

    Posted 21st August 2008 at 10:11 PM by Peggy Baron Peggy Baron is offline
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    That's a nice idea. However, to get good work to be done you'll still need an experienced VA.
    Posted 8th May 2009 at 08:27 AM by VirtualAssistantHelp VirtualAssistantHelp is offline

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