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Highs and Lows of Internet Marketing

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Posted 18th July 2009 at 12:34 PM by AnneE

Well I've had some pretty severe mood swings this last week and I don't mean the kind caused by female hormones. I mean what happens when you have a few sales quickly and then one of your websites ends up on page 1 and you think, Dang... I finally am getting the hang of this. That's an internet marketing high.

The low comes when about a week later, after applying a WSO technique that you felt sure would bring you big bucks, you are sitting debating whether to ask for a refund or simply give your new efforts more time to amount to something.

I'm trying to steady my own self and review where I'm at.

The good news, at the half-way point for the month, I have made about $125... so if that continues, I'll clear $200 for the month, which I think would be a high point (My WSO was not super lucrative and was split between May and June for income).

I know I need to keep working on what is already working and to see if I can tweak things that are not working -- add a few backlinks to them, add some fresh content, add my Squidoo lenses to yet another group or two. I Googled Claude Hopkins Scientific Advertising and realized that my Claude Hopkins Scientific Advertising audiobook wasn't even showing up in the results. So I added a few backlinks to it. I mean there are only 153K sites competing. So I added a couple links to it and at least I'm now in the top 20. I know this is a long-tail search-term. I'm debating adding an adwords ad for it.

And I think I will spend 15 minutes (setting a timer) to add backlinks to a couple new Blogger blogs that I created... again all low competition websites.

Meanwhile I wish I knew how to bottle up that good feeling you get from a sale. It would be nice to take a swig of that feeling each day before doing some internet marketing work.

Drop me a line if you know how to do so.
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