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Some People Just Don't Get IT.

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Posted 3rd August 2009 at 03:02 PM by Anthony Kibe

....and at some point in my life, I just didn't get it either. I heard about it, every leader in this industry was saying it and repeating it but I still didn't get it ...more like I didn't want to get it because it meant that I couldn't remain in the shadows any longer, I had to come out, show my face, let people hear how I sound like and have my words read by people all over the world.

I was uncomfortable with that. I wanted to do it silently, anonymously and then someday surprise everybody...... "hey look everybody, I just made a million dollars online"

I wanted to succeed by doing not by BEING. I wanted my business to be known, not ME. I wanted my business to provide people with solutions, NOT ME. I wanted people to flock to my websites and sign up, not flock to ME. I wanted people to believe in my network marketing company and join IT, to love my book and buy IT and be interested in things that I produced...not in ME.

Years went by, money went away and nothing to show for it.

And then I GOT IT.

And now, a part of me literally aches for everyone who's running ads, calling out to the world to come and buy from them. Yet, when you do a little research on these folks, you find NOTHING of value that they have contributed to society. They have little else going on besides recruiting people to join their opportunities, affiliate programs or whatever products they're peddling so THEY can make money.

Take the opportunities, programs and products from them and there is NOTHING of value to you that's left.
They give nothing, yet they seek to take take take and still wonder why things never work out for them.

I don't have a crystal ball but I can predict with great certainty that such a person will NEVER really savor the fruits of true success unless and until they GET IT.

So, ask yourself this question. "If I was stripped off my business opportunity, products I sell or services I offer, what would be left of me that's valuable enough for people to still want to associate with me?"

It's not about your opportunity, however great you believe it is. It's not about your product no matter how well they work and it's not about your service, or how well you can craft an ad. It's all about YOU.

Who are you? What have you done for someone else? What can you do for me? What do you have to offer that's NOT going to cost me anything? What can you teach me that I don't know but should? Where are you going and why should I follow you ? Why should I trust you? When I need you, where do I find you? What kind of support can I expect from you?


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