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Leveraging Your Time to Achieve Your Desired Results

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Posted 8th April 2014 at 12:29 AM by Anthony Manly
Updated 8th April 2014 at 12:31 AM by Anthony Manly (Checking links)

You always seem to run out of time. The irreplacable commodity that you want more of and should pay attention to.

So how do you leverage your time to achieve all those business goals, keep you family commitments, meet your financial commitments, stay in physical shape and remain sane and happy?

You need to start your day on the right note. Focus on the priorities that matter. Your number 1 priority should be you ensure that you start your day on a positive note. Here's some suggestions to start your day:

1. Get out of bed and exercise - go for a long walk, a surf, a run or go to the gym. You need to get your body moving
2. Think about the one thing you want to create today and focus in on that
3. Eat a healthy breakfast and hydrate yourself
4. Sit down and begin to (what I call) script your day.

How to script your day
a. Start by listing out your projects (3 - 5) and the key things that need to be covered off
b. list out the people you need to contact or are waiting on
Notice how we have not opened our email yet. So many people opne their email or check their phone first thing in the morning like they are on crack cocaine - STOP this addiction
c. List out the things that you must do today emphasise must. The biggest problem most internet marketers and entrepreneurs make is that they focus on the wrong things or get distracted. I call this falling into someone elses agenda and not focussing on your agenda. If you finish the must DOs move on to doing some of your project tasks.

Now after you have looked after yourself and scripted your day - now and only now review your email. BUT this is the big BUT you are only going to respond to people that are either waiting on something from you or you are waiting on something from them.

STOP signing up for the latest shiny object that sucks your time. Unsubscribe from those so called gurus that make you rich - that is their agenda not yours.

I hope this has helped you better start your day and craft a productive day that allows you to leverage your time better.

I have used this technique for some time now and the results have been phenominal.


Anthony Manly
helping you innovate to accelerate your business growth
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