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How to Convert Visitors into Customers: Anthony Morrison on Positioning and Prospecting Customers

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Posted 7th April 2013 at 09:38 AM by anthonymorrison

Two types of visitors come to your web site, first those that you attract via affiliate marketing, blogging, video marketing etc. and second those that come to your website in search of product they want. First type of customers is known as prospecting visitors. Second type of visitors is known as positioning visitors. Positioning visitors convert more quickly to a customer as compare to prospective visitors.

According to Anthony Morrison, not all positioning visitors come at your website for window shopping. In fact, majority of them is there to do some serious purchase. Anthony suggests business owners to address these visitors, as accurately and as precisely as the visitors want. For example, if a customer has clicked the link for blue satin curtains, it will be a breach of client-customer relationship if the link gets him to your home page.
Anthony explains this with process of local shopping. How would you feel if you are deceived while shopping locally? You go to a shopping store; the map suggests golden apples in the far north corner, when you go there you found bananas instead of apples. Online shoppers experience same level of frustration when they are misled.

Anthony Morrison is a successful entrepreneur. He is an expert internet marketer with a service par excellence. He has been working in the field since he was a college student. Anthony has been helping novice and internet marketing aspirants to achieve heights of success in internet marketing. For this purpose, he has written books and designed special courses.

Provide Visitors Answers:
According to Anthony, if you want to convert positioning as well as prospecting visitors in to customers, you must provide them answer to their queries. Provide them what they are looking for. Too much baffling and perplexing content will do nothing. Customer do not want to know how hard you worked to make this product, he/she is paying and is more interested in how the product will solve their problem.

Too Much Content:
Although content is always good, there are certain limitations. For an online shopping store, providing too much content often counteracts. For example, if your positioning visitor is looking for a black satin scarf and you start providing history, story of manufacturing, articles on mystery of black color etc the result is obvious. Visitor will never look back to your site, no matter how high it might come on Google search pages.

Providing simple content that is enough to deliver necessary message is better than putting unnecessary and overwhelming articles.

Links within Website:
New visitors do not like a maze scattered throughout your website. A simple easy to navigate website is not enough. You must provide links within your website. Anthony suggests that providing links within content give your visitors an easy path to follow. They do not have to search in the bar, on left right up and down of your web page to get links to a certain page. A quick and easy path within website also suggests many other pages of the website to the visitor.

Importance of Clicks:
Understand importance of clicks. With every click, your visitor comes nearer to a purchase. It is good to adopt a traffic analyzing tool. This will help you arrange pages as per demand of the visitors and customers.

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