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Impact of Impressions & Conversions on Search Engine Marketing: Anthony Morrison Explains Relationsh

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Posted 7th April 2013 at 09:40 AM by anthonymorrison

Search engine marketing or better known as SEM is a part of internet marketing. SEM is all about search engines, search engine pages, ranking and indexing of websites, SEO and Impressions. There is no formally established definition of Impressions. However, we can elaborate it in following way:

Impressions are the views of an ad. Impressions occur when a visitor see an ad placed on a website, blog, social media site, search engine etc. Impressions are also known as views or ad views. Impressions are also defined as Number of times an ad is viewed by audience. The number varies and is counted in different ways. There are organic as well as paid ads (say impressions) for every website. They usually range between 10 to 15.
How Impressions Turn into Conversions:
According to Anthony Morrison, impressions are turned into conversions. It is a simple process followed by the click of the visitor. As soon as the visitor clicks on an impression, it is abruptly turned into conversion.
Anthony Morrison is an internet-marketing expert. He is working in the field of internet marketing for more than a decade now. Anthony came in to the business of internet marketing at the time when his father lost their family fortune in stocks. Hard circumstances forced Anthony to start earning along with studies. At the time Anthony surfaced as an online entrepreneur, there were fewer methods known to earn online.
Anthony took his business seriously. He began with an old worn out computer and a mobile phone. He built his rapport and soon his expertise helped him to reach exodus clientele, extending to Australia and UK. He is a bestselling author and helps others to learn skills of internet marketing by launching courses.
Basic Information Related to Impressions:
The basis of Search Engine Marketing SEM stands on impressions and conversions.
Role of Impressions:
Impressions play great role in influencing and pursuing your target customers. When the ads are displayed on search engine pages, the customer is persuaded with the help of ad content. If the content is not written in an easy format that conveys all about customers interests, your ad will fail to put any impression on the customer. If the impression is failed, there are no chances of conversion.
A better-organized and factually written impression means that there will be more clicks on your ad.
Composition of Impression:
Impressions are composed of factual data describing nature of the ad. This data is then used by search engines while indexing website. The policy of different search engines while composing index and ranks of the websites vary. However, big guns like Google often share any change in the policy so that the genuine website owners make sure that they have adapted to it.
Impressions and Search Engine Rankings:
As described earlier, every search engine has different strategy for impressions
Google: It uses title content, meta description, links and URL.
Yahoo: It uses plus content, URL and tags.
Bing: It uses page content, title content and meta data.
Others policy is almost same, or an amalgamation of top three search engines.
Impressions Generate Money:
If placed and template rightly, impressions turn in to conversions and conversions into buyers. The need is to understand how important is to provide a good and appealing ad that can create great impression.

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