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Press Release Distribution: Anthony Morrison Explains How You Can Create a Targeted Circle at Social

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Posted 7th April 2013 at 09:41 AM by anthonymorrison

Press release distribution is an issue that causes sleepless nights for many business owners. Creating a press release that can catch attraction of the reader and then distribute it to legitimate sources is a herculean task, particularly for first timers who are trying to do this part without any professional helping hand.

According to Anthony Morrison, due to sensitivity of the job, there are so many scams trying to persuade you. When asked how one can detect if this is a true source of distributing your press release or it is a scam, Anthony shared a very simple trick. According to Anthony, if you found the offer (20,000 press release submits within one click etc) that sounds too good to be true, then you must quit using that platform.

Usually such "super distribution sites" are there to steal your personal information and then use it in criminal activities. Others use your email for scam marketing campaigns, i.e. you might start receiving press releases of the company. According to Anthony, one way to curb such situation is to use social media. The question should you use it or not is meddling minds of marketers.

However, there is a simple strategy, read minds of your social media followers and design your distribution strategy accordingly. Anthony Morrison is an internet-marketing expert. He knows how important it is to distribute press releases according to the demands of your profession. Anthony has been working as internet marketer since his teen ages.

He is famous among US citizens due to many reasons. Number one is his bestselling books. He also designs courses and guides used to teach aspirants skills of internet marketing. According to Anthony, when you decide to share your press releases on social networks, you must keep in mind following factors.

Taste of Your Social Media Audience:
Almost every company knows importance of social media in marketing of business. But, if you still do not have any social presence, try to build your online rapport. Once you have built your consistent online presence, you will understand what things your followers like and what they do not like. Keeping in mind interests and preferences of the followers you can chose which kind of press releases you could share on your Facebook page.

Grab Attention:
Now that you know your Facebook followers will love a press release related to the launch of your new survey, this is the time to grab their attention. Just posting link of the press release is not enough. Customers like to engage in one or other way. For example, share a link that lead to some valuable place. Encourage users to share their opinions and give suggestions on improving the services.

Share Fare:
Share your press release on all of the social media networks. In addition, also encourage your followers to pin, tweet or discuss in LinkedIn. Start the discussion by breaking news in the forums; also share the link to your press release below the news.

Presentation of any content holds a lot of importance. Social media audiences are way smarter than you can think. In order to get attention of your customers you must understand that content is the key. If you are planning to share your press release on social networks, you must cross check following points:
  • Content is not machine generated, it sounds convincing and lively.
  • Content is not plagiarized, it is not dead.
  • Content shows hints of humor and livelihood.
  • Content does not have any grammatical mistakes.
  • Headline is eye catching and exciting.

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