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Top 30 Things That You Want to Know about Impressions: Anthony Morrison Sums it up

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Posted 7th April 2013 at 09:42 AM by anthonymorrison

Term impression is used to elaborate views of an ad. If a viewer clicks on the impression, it is turned in to conversion. Anthony Morrison emphasizes on the importance of an impression. He suggests all website owners to put dire attention on impression if they want to increase sales of their website.

Anthony Morrison is an internet-marketing guru. He has been working as an internet marketer since the time of his college life. He owns 20 companies and is a millionaire. He is a well-known author. New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Amazon have featured his internet marketing books as bestsellers. Let us have a look on top 50 features of an impression that you want to know.

1. Impressions are useful in search engine rankings and in marketing campaigns, especially in affiliate marketing.
2. In terms of Google rankings, amount of impressions mean amount of an ad displayed being on Google.
3. Number of impression is the number of an ad displayed on Google search engine pages (SERP).
4. Number of impressions is not connected with how many times the visitor views an ad i.e. amount of impressions.
5. If the visitors have to scroll down under the page to see ads, it is known as under the fold impressions.
6. Under the fold impressions are hardly visible to potential customers, that is the reason why Google professionals suggests to hide them.
7. You can address needs of your customers by customizing content of your impressions. i.e. you can show toll free numbers, addresses, names etc.
8. Impressions show activities contacted to and performed on your website.
9. Impressions can define how active your site is.
10. Reports compiled by statistics programs on traffic of any website also comprise impressions of that website.
11. Click through rate is the number of impressions lending on to website.
12. If the click through are converted in to purchase, it is termed as conversion.
13. Most of the search engines deliver conversion reports to the website. The reports are submitted in detail to the paying clients.
14. Impressions are used on search engines to attract prospective buyers.
15. You often have to pay for your impressions on search engines.
16. Sometimes the charge is as low as 1 penny, other times it is as high as $1000.
17. Different search engines charge different rates for impressions.
18. Usually, the impressions are charged when they lead to the website.
19. Not having any impression can cost you much than the charge you pay per impression.
20. The average cost for an economical impressions ranges between $300 - 400$ per month.
21. It is necessary to change and modify content of the impressions more often than not.
22. The content should be modified if there is a change in your policy or product features.
23. Change and modification in content often results in higher search engine rankings.
24. Impressions must be monitored daily.
25. Impression monitoring gives an idea on current changes in market.
26. With the help of monitoring, you find out stats of your product and that of your competitor.
27. Impressions suggest you taste of your consumers.
28. You must keep in mind rules of SEO while writing your impressions.
29. The URL of the impression must mention and lead to the page that you are promoting.
30. SEO of the impression decides how high or low the impression will be featured.

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