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Anthony Morrison Motivates You: How to Jump Higher in Life

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Posted 13th May 2013 at 12:45 PM by anthonymorrison

There are times in life when we are low and depressed for no reason. The lack of motivation is what makes one stay in his comfort zone and not take daring tasks. On the other hand, we have never seen a person who had done something extraordinary by staying in his comfort zone. Anthony Morrison is one such person who thinks higher, dreams higher and has achieved higher.

He is a bestselling author; at the age of 30 he owns a big house and a spectacular car. He has a beautiful girlfriend and a complete family life with parents married for 30+ years and siblings whom he loves like crazy. Wait, are you thinking that this is something out from a fairytale? A beautiful girl, lavish car, extravagant house, parents complete family!

This man, Anthony Morrison is an internet marketing guru. He did not get all this from birth, of course, except his family. He has worked hard from his teen age. He had worked in a small room, he had worked restlessly and he is working out of the box, out of his comfort zone.

He is an inspiration for those who fear to take risks in their life. At the time when Anthony started his first business, his father has lost his entire property in stocks. There was nothing, nothing to spend, nothing to get bread and butter for life. He started from scratch, from small online deals signed with his local businessmen. Today he has a vast range of clientele, ranging from Europe to Australia and gradually increasing to Asia.

Anthony has shared with us some very valuable and motivating tips. He conducts live TV infomercials. His motivating speeches are a source to create awareness. He teaches people how to see dreams and how to achieve realities.
  • Start by making a firm and final decision. Every morning when you wake up spare a few minutes and think about all the blessings that you have. Think about those whose happiness depends on how happy and content you are. This will slowly wake up your motivation. You will feel yourself fulfilled and responsible. Thinking about your achievements will make you happy. Thinking about your loved ones will make you relax and fresh. There you go for a long day with positive feelings like happiness, freshness and relaxation.
  • Make bright and big goals in your life. There are small goals there are big goals. Marking big goals will motivate you like nothing else. Think of achieving something that no one else in your family, friend and acquaintance circle has ever achieved.
  • Never compare yourself with others. So what if your childhood friend has got a new car, remember how much you have improved since your childhood. There must be something that you have bigger and better than anyone you know.
  • If you really want to get inspiration from someone, it must be those who are real achievers. There are people who are much like you, they start from scratch, they have no backup plan and they get success. You definitely make a role model and dedicate your every effort to achieve same height.
  • In your struggle and hard work, never forget your family, love and fun life. In your plans, you must have things like a big yatch on which you can go to remote islands and enjoy with your girlfriend. It is good to struggle to earn yatch, but never forget your girl friend and your family during all this. Learn from Anthony, he is true amalgamation of struggle, hard work, family, fun and charity.

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