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Anthony Morrison on Google Panda: All That You Should Know

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Posted 13th May 2013 at 12:51 PM by anthonymorrison

Since its arrival, Google Panda has jumbled places and positions of websites on the search engine. Although at the time of its launch, Google did not mention who is going to be affected with this algorithm, very little doubt is left now. Google Panda dealt with most of the spam very carefully. On the other hand, it also affected some of the genuine websites.

There was a massive shift in the places of websites, some going up and majority going down. At the end, those websites who placed valuable content came on top and those who produced junks in large numbers went down the pages. Google Panda primarily target content producing websites like Wikipedia, You Tube and blogs. Any marketer can understand how brutally this would have affected marketing campaigns of different companies.

Anthony Morrison suggests his students to remain in touch with all changes and updates coming from Google. Most of the websites who suffered set back are those who did not know about the policy change. Then there are those who knew about the change but they never adapted their own policy. Anthony believes that in order to get most out of your marketing campaign you must remain up to date.

Anthony Morrison is a successful entrepreneur, an expert internet marketer and a millionaire. He teaches aspirants and novice skills of dealing with different internet marketing techniques. He has also written a number of books on internet marketing. His books are affordable and contain a voyage of knowledge and information. This is the reason why his books are acclaimed globally and are New York Times bestsellers.

Anthony is also famous for his infomercial series running on local television channels. His convincing voice is like a ray of hope for those who want to make their careers from scratch. Anthony believes that Google Panda could be used as a tool to enhance search engine positions. The key to get better place on Google search engine is to keep updating website with fresh, factual and authentic content.

Let us have a look on important tips about Google Panda.

Never Let Panda Judge Your Website:
Google Panda is monologue to best content siege. Only those websites pass who deliver high quality content. Panda will judge quality of your website on following characteristics:

· Content is 'stuffed' with keywords
· less information, knowledge and facts
· repeated content ideas
· more or less same articles
· articles generated in a very large number, too large to be human
· articles written on topics that does not relate to your blog or website theme
· plagiarism
· Google Webmaster Central Blog gave some clear indications in this regard:
· Website contain redundant, plagiarized, overlapping articles
· Mass produced and largely outsourced content, individual websites does not get proper attention
· Short, unclear articles that does not provide any or very less helpful information
· Articles have spelling, grammar and factual mistakes

Stop Stealing Others Content:
As discussed above, Panda hit hard on those who publish duplicate content. In order to keep Panda generous towards your site, produce high quality original content. Put a little more time on searching topics and creating original content. Google can help you in searching!

Place Ads Wisely:
Clutter of ads put affect on Panda in particular and on your overall traffic in general. No one likes to stay on a website with 30 advertisements scattered here and there.

Don't Forget Panda:
You want to keep your website on top of the search engines, then never forget Google Panda and other algorithmic updates coming from Google.

Authorized and well-reputed websites links can convince Panda that yours is a genuine website. Again here key is to update website with valuable content, only then reputed websites will allow you back links.

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