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The Blog Network Google Panda Slap

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Posted 23rd March 2012 at 02:30 PM by AnythingMarketing
Updated 23rd March 2012 at 02:35 PM by AnythingMarketing (Forgot to add Categories and fixing formatting and typos.)

Once again we see the long arm of Google (and now Google Panda) reaching out to give a resounding Slap! to those running afoul of what they consider desirable fair for the SERPs.

This time we see that Blog Networks like Build My Rank (BMR or and several others have been either completely de-indexed by Google or are seeing it happen to a large percentage of their sites and pages.

Most of these networks are just walking away, or are closing down temporarily to regroup, which could easily become permanent.

Does this mean that the concept of using a network of sites or blogs to promote another site is no longer a viable method?

I would cautiously say that it actually is still viable, but with several caveats...

The problem so far has been that Google has found ways to track the footprint of these sites and identify them by common characteristics. The owners of these networks are not stupid people, and went to great lengths to ensure that this wasn't an easy task.

So what is the answer? I would say that it is to replace the footprint with one Google does like!

If you had to choose one word to describe what Google likes, most people would say Content! The term "Content is King!" is not a new one, but is still applicable today. And that is exactly what the owners of Blog Networks were trying to provide in their programs.

Unfortunately the format used ended up being a footprint that Google found a way to define, and therefore render obsolete.

The answer would seem to be to create sites where the vast majority of the content isn't there to promote outbound links.

But there needs to be another reason for the content to be there. And we already know that promoting affiliate products is another business model with a footprint that Google doesn't like.

Another aspect of the footprint that needs addressing is the types of content published. Most Blog Networks were primarily article sites with outbound links either in the text, at the end of the article or both. Pretty easy to see how this could be trackable.

So what if the bulk of the content published was not just text, but images and video based as well? And perhaps a mix of posts that were just videos.

Now make the majority of the posts have no outbound links at all!

Even with the great automation tools available today, this would be a pretty fair amount of work! Well, we didn't ask if this would be easy, just if it would be doable...

Doable it is! And what is more, it will be very worthwhile, and not just from a standpoint of providing the services Blog Networks are known for. The resulting sites would be great income producers for Adsense ads as well as for selling ad space via a host of ad platforms.

Not for the lazy, but the real income producing projects online never have been.

Maybe it's time to stop railing against the Google Slaps, and take some time to actually thank Google and now even Google Panda for making us better business people!

Too soon?!


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