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A very detailed rant, and some decent advice to newcomers about the primary objectives of "owning & operating and online business."
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Mindset: In the Beginning Stages of IM?

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Posted 20th February 2014 at 02:03 PM by art72

Howdy Folks...

I woke up this morning with a splitting migraine headache, my eyes felt as if they were going to explode, and my mind was just 'spewing' with fresh ideas from the research I was conducting last night (until 4:30am).

For many of you, especially those of you who are just getting involved in some form of affiliate or internet marketing, and those of you who have high hopes and little computer experience. (*or visa versa- could be a lack of marketing, writing skills, time management, etc..) - Thought I'd jot down a little reflection of inspiration, and no it's NOT how many millions I made over the weekend, unfortunately.

Seriously, everyday new people enter the affiliate marketing arena or world of internet marketing, and somehow have painted this vast canvas of success, and wealth, and dream of the day it will all come together (which it will in time if you relentlessly pursue it with passion and determination) - and many of those newcomers lose focus on the underlying reason they jumped on board the IM band wagon in the first place?

  • A few, very few people have actually extensively researched online opportunities, and in doing so properly assembled the tools & resources they needed to succeed, and have done very well for themselves.

  • Others have jumped in or got 'snookered' into believing it was some 'overnight-riches' ticket to freedom, and it can be with work, trial & error.

  • Others had no clue, still have no clue, and should spend more time looking deeper into themselves to determine; "What the hell they are really doing here, or trying to accomplish?"

For me, it was originally fueled by my passion for writing, and to see if I could overcome my fears of putting those writings out there in a way that would help others, and eventually myself.

Certainly, I need money too, no big secret there, but more importantly than me, myself, and I... was the fact; I have 3 kids and a wife who rely on me to make ends meat.

However, as time has passed and my knowledge is becoming more and more expansive, I've come to realize; "even those closest to us, those whom we trust and love the most, often do not share in... or see our innermost passions."

In direct response, they often don't realize; "they are largely responsible for our willingness to make sacrifices (for them) and visa-versa."

Often, we invest a large amount of hope that our success will be emulated through our children, or in the least... offer them solid options in seeking their own directives, and direction in life.

Lately, I've come to think, even question; "What's the point of me putting in all this effort, time, all the physically and mentally exhausting hours of study, implementation, testing & tweaking to get the pieces aligned?"

- If much of my motivation was indeed equaled by my determination to see my family live free of the enslavement of poverty, menial labor jobs, and a the likes?"

Then, a large part of me is continuing to suffer the insult of their expectations. Expectations of money, wealth, and the good life... but without any real investment on their behalf.

It frustrates the living hell out of me, and I've refrained from quitting on several occassions, just because the 'blind' cannot see what I see.

This happens frequently, as we struggle to assemble the pieces, and get the proper results we seek.

It's definitely, a daunting task to overcome, as I know I'm not alone here. The expectations cannot exceed ones determination, nor can it set the president for achieving any true measure of success.

Especially, when those whom I feel are largely responsible for my willingness to relentlessly pursue the rewards at the end of the road will reap benefit, though they 'seek' little to no interest in the months, even years of dedicated service I; myself have personally invested, walking the path.

Case in point, they just don't get it folks.

But please ...don't give up! - Let it fuel your spirit, your true passions, and in time, it will come together... when is up to you!

I know; it gets pretty bad when you can't even convince your own family and friends what your actually doing is building a storehouse of knowledge that will one day spill over, nurture, and provide for others, and of course; those whom you love and care about most.

In my case, my wife and 3 kids still think the internet is a social media hub for playing games, and connecting with friends. ...and their not wrong, that's exactly what it is for most people, looking at it from their perspective (as opposed to us who 'see' and 'seize' the opportunity).

But try explaining to them the 37 components you've finally learned to make a solid marketing campaign, or build a solid sales funnel, or advance your web designing skills to create a professional and appealing website rich with content...

They "EXPECT" to see money just start pouring into the bank account "as-if" the flood gates are instantaneously opened, and by the 'flip-of-a-magic-switch' - wah-lah, presto chango, dear old dad's banking six-figure incomes again!

Nope, doesn't always work that way.

...And more importantly, if you are in that mindset coming into this business, you're in for a very rude awakening.

Look I am not gonna isolate anyone out here, nor am I passing judgement on anyone who attempts to take action... not at all.

We've all seen the fake screenshots, the newbies asking for reviews on a landing page they clearly had no idea 'leaked' and 'reeked' of UTTER LIES!!!

But as I am quickly approaching my 1,000th post on the Warrior Forum threads, and some 3 years later, am still not hitting my 6-figure marks, and for damn good reason... (I've chosen not to.) - something compelled me to write this. I dunno, maybe someone will benefit from it... it is afterall, 100% truth, no bullshit, brutal honesty.

"Heck, some of it derives from humility, a masterful teacher... once the embarrassment wears off!"

I am determined, to have my blueprints, my research, my tools, my files, my links, my websites, content, and eventually my products so frigging tight... a frog's ass couldn't compare!

Now, I am not suggesting anyone, do what I do, or invest 3-5 years without trying to make some money, not at all.

But, patience is a virtue my friends, and I've come to appreciate the power this cheesy little laptop affords us, and I refuse to abuse that privilege by 'snookering' people out of their hard earned cash, out of desperation, or ill motives.

Some of you will have great success in just a few months, depending on your background, knowledge, and willingness to apply the formula(s) that work best for you... (*flipping websites, writing eBooks, training, domaining, eCommerce, Niche Sites, Authority sites, selling services, Copywriting, or any and/or all thee aforementioned).

Me, I want to learn it ALL!

However, I am both testing my self patience, and my families patience in this very moment.

I will sacrifice anything and everything to see that my online business is as ethical, and beneficial to my audience, and conducted with concern for their well-being...for as long as humanely possible.

There too, I will further explore paid traffic methods, and the quicker easier roads, as I already know; there is a faster return on your investment with PPC - PPV - CPA and properly targeted traffic sources and techniques, no doubt.

But, as a result to my dedication to all things IM and Affiliate marketing, and especially - the patience in preparing and assembling the proper knowledge, to market those skills effectively...

A standard $10 per hour job, WILL NOT make for the changes I seek. Thus, it is a dead-end, not an option.

Though, I have not made 10's of thousands per month online (*I have several blueprints for 7 figure websites, I know will work, if I build them).

Naturally, I do work offline too, so many of the years spent dabbling (at least the first 1-2 years) - I was so far from understanding the marketing strategies, how my writings would effect my success, or even did I have a clue that just plastering affiliate links all over the web with cheesy free blogs, banners, and shitty written-on-a-whim articles (for SEO) were not the solution to finding sustaining success.

Nor was joining a $1,000 MLM which preceded all else, and was my first go at anything online. No, it wasn't Dave Woods & Dave Sharpe's EN - (*Which I never joined btw) - it was via EDC -earn daily cash, man I swear... that guy could sell emu oil to corpse!)

Actually, not a bad idea... I wonder if morgues are using that shit, I hear it works well for wrinkles (

I've come to appreciate, helping others, and that my friends "is the key" to this business.

Forget about you.

F#@K what you want, if you want to succeed at this, YOU better take heed to the fact, YOUR AUDIENCE COMES FIRST!

They are the client. They are the customers. They are the cosumers, to wit; YOU MUST provide quality solutions, benefits, and value to... and if you just want to collect names in a squeeze page and spam the sh!T out of people with BS email offers... while having no vested interest in their well-being...

Whelp, er... GUESS WHAT?

You might make a few bucks off the sucker's.
You might 'snooker' a few people by baiting the hooks with all that "How I made $18,496.32 over the weekend using Twitter... and if you did actually DO IT - good for you... nothing wrong with that!

If NOT just remember, YOUR AUDIENCE is also your wife, your children, your grandmother, and everyday people looking to break free from the shackles of life. They are human beings, and though many are dumb as sh!t, they too should be treated fairly!

Show them, guide them, teach them, but God forbid... don't be douche-bag about it, and misguide the misguided! - Less it be, you are too f*cking stupid to know better!!!

Anyway, I am ready to "BREAK ALL BARRIERS" and starting TODAY, I am not f*cking around anymore. I'm done playing, I have enough to crank out some good healthy solutions, and I don't need to outsource any of it! - Not just yet, anyway.

More importantly, I aim to teach my wife and children a tough love lesson in patience, and when it starts to reign successful from that patience... I'll be sure to watch as they embrace the money, over the years of work I did to get there!:rolleyes:

IT"S GONNA HAPPEN... I feel it in my bones.

To anyone who may have read this, let it be known; Yes, it was a rant. A rant with a purpose, and I hope you found something heartfelt and meaningful to take away from this.

In closing, if you are sincerely wanting to succeed online, and others are influencing you to quit, or driving you to cut corners... don't waste your precious time & money.

Be you, and stand firm on doing what you set out to conquer, and in the end... You will prevail.

(*Obviously, it starts with knowing; what are you trying to do?)

MY spirit wants to reach out to millions, and help those willing to help themselves, and I almost lost that focus, because often; even those whom we love the most cannot understand the basic sacrifices the successful endure to get to a destination worthy of generations to come.

Screw the money, the fame, and all the superficial bullsh!t - how do you want to live your life?

How do you want to be remembered?

Lastly, how important is it to you... to "Know Your Audience's Needs?" - a(nd solve their hardest struggles in life.)

If you get that last one wrong... Then you might want to stop right there, and ponder; "What it is you are trying to establish online?"

Sorry for the rant.

All the Best,

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