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Understanding the Different PLR Terms – Resell, Giveaway, Master Resell, etc.

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Posted 9th May 2016 at 02:14 AM by Arun Chandran

PLR terms and rights can be a tad bit confusing to the newbie internet marketer. Even the experienced marketers sometimes scratch their heads when studying the terms and conditions of the different PLR products out there.

This article will be a primer and give you a quick breakdown of the most common PLR terms out there. It goes without saying that you should comply with the terms of the package. Not only does it show integrity on your part, but you’ll also not be setting yourself up for any future problems.

We live in a very litigious world these days and you could even face legal action if you don’t adhere to the terms and conditions.

It is also no secret that one way you can make money online is through buying and selling products that have resell rights. However, it’s important that you appreciate the various categories of resell rights products that are out there.

For starters there are 5 categories of resell rights products you may want to familiarize yourself with.

  • Basic Resell Rights Products
Basic Resell Rights give you the rights to sell the products and retain all of the profits from the product. You’re selling the product as if it is your own creation. However, you will not be able to edit the product or transfer the same rights to others. In other words your customers may use the products for themselves but they may not give away or resell the products to others.

  • Master Resell Rights Products
Master Resell Rights similarly do not allow you to modify or edit the product but you can sell the products directly to your customers along with the Basic Resell Rights for those products. This means your customers will have the right to use the products for themselves as well as resell the products to others.

  • Private Label Rights (PLR) Products
The third category, Private Label Rights (PLR) is quite interesting in that you have the rights to edit, modify and customize the product and its content as you wish. You could make minor tweaks or a major overhaul of the content. The choice is yours.

You’ll also be able to put your name as the author. Since you’ve now edited the product and made it your own, you’ll be able to sell Basic Resell Rights and even sell Master Resell Rights for the products to your buyers.

It is however important to note that with standard PLR material you cannot pass on the Private Label Rights of a product to others that buy the PLR product from you.

The reason for this is that the original product creator still needs to make an income from his/her product. So, if someone likes a resell rights product you’re selling but they wish to edit it, the only way they can do so is by buying the Private Label Rights from the original creator of the product.

Once they do that, they’ll get access to the source files such as the word files, PSDs, etc. Then they can edit the products to their heart’s content.

  • Unrestricted Private Label Rights (PLR) Products
Unrestricted Private Label Rights can be considered to be the ultimate of resell products. Unrestricted Private Label Rights Products have all the benefits of standard PLR and none of the drawbacks.

You have the rights to do anything you wish with your product once you buy it. This includes everything you can do with Standard PLR plus you can pass on Private Label Rights to any of your buyers. If you are the original author of such a product you will be easily able to charge a premium price for it.

  • Giveaway rights Products
Finally, Give away rights mean exactly that: You can give away the product for free only. You may not edit, resell or claim it as your own but this will usually depend on the terms in the PLR license.

A good way of making money from such products is to give them away in a free package that has hyperlinks to affiliate products which will earn you affiliate commissions.

The next time you wish to buy or sell a product with resell rights, always remember to take a really close look at the product’s license before you buy it. The Devil is in the details.

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