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Should You Rewrite Your PLR?

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Posted 9th May 2016 at 07:01 AM by Arun Chandran

You may have read or heard this advice ad nauseam – "Rewrite your PLR and make it unique."

The question is – Do you really need to rewrite your PLR?

I totally understand the hesitation. After all, most people buy PLR because it is convenient. They do not want to do any writing from scratch. That’s why they’re buying PLR, yes?

It’s also cheaper than getting your own content written. So… why should you try and make it unique?

Why even bother with PLR if it still requires effort and money to make it unique?

I’ll try and give you the most honest and balanced answer as possible. Firstly, you must know why you are purchasing the PLR.
  • Are you buying PLR to resell them as your own products?
  • Are you using PLR articles as content for your own site?
  • Do you need PLR as base content from which you’ll create your own content

Buying PLR products to resell

If you are buying PLR products to resell them,... Let’s assume you buy a PLR eBook about controlling diabetes. Now, if you wish to sell it as your own eBook, you do not really need to rewrite the entire eBook.

You should change the ecover and title of the book though. This is the bare minimum you should try to do. This will make your product appear unique. You must understand that you’re not the only one who is purchasing the PLR product.

There may be many other marketers who bought the exact same product. The majority of them will sell the product as it is without even bothering to change the cover or the title.

Some time back, I purchased a PLR product called PLR Money. I designed a new cover for the product and made it look like a brand new product and separated my product from the pack… just because it looks different.

I’ve written another article on rebranding your PLR. It delves into this topic in greater depth.

The point is that you could give your product a new look instead of rewriting the entire thing. What matters is that the PLR you use must be high-quality. Luckily for you, Flaming Hot PLR is up there with the best.

Buy PLR as content for your site/blogs

Ok… so you have a new site and you need content. PLR is a great way to get started. The key words here are “get started”.

I’m not going to sugar coat this. Your site will do much better if you use unique content. So, if you want to rank in the organic search engines, it is crucial to get your PLR rewritten.

You could do it yourself or you could outsource it. I actually have a PLR rewriting service. You can check it out by clicking here.

Or you could hire someone from… Yes, yes… I know about sites like Fiverr and the Warrior Forum. But… if you’re on a budget, Ineedarticles is one of the best places to go. The quality is excellent for the low prices you pay.

I personally think it’s better than iWriter or Fiverr… but you could try them all and decide for yourself.

Now, if you are on a tight budget and do not want to spend money getting your articles rewritten, you could mix up paragraphs from different PLR articles on the same topic. With some clever cutting and pasting, your content will be more unique than just using it as it is.

If you’re worried about getting hit by the duplicate content penalty, you can read my article about this here. You don’t need to worry about the duplicate content penalty if you follow the advice in the article.

Using PLR as base content

If you’re using PLR as base content, then you’d most probably be writing your own articles and using the PLR to cut down your research time.

I’d strongly advise you to spend some time doing fact checking to confirm that the facts in the PLR are reliable.

Once again, use high-quality PLR and your job will be much easier.To sum it up, it is highly advisable to rewrite your PLR.

You will be able to make your product unique and also derive a certain sense of pride because it is your own product.

Rewriting PLR can be described using this analogy. It’s like renovating and redecorating a house.

It’s easier than building a new house but still requires some effort. In the end it will reflect your style and personality.

That’s branding… and it’s totally worth the effort.

Click Here to Learn How to Rewrite Your PLR

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