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All You Need To Know About the Google Duplicate Content Penalty

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Posted 11th May 2016 at 04:23 AM by Arun Chandran

Everybody wants their sites/blogs/pages to rank well in Google or other search engines.

One technique whereby one can achieve this, and ultimately increase business, is through search engine optimization.

Unfortunately, search engines do not receive appropriate content exclusively but also get a ton of search engine spam.

This search engine spam describes the practice of changing website content (spinning) so that the website is listed higher among the engine results.

In previous years one could be ranked high on search engine searches simply by repeating a keyword countless times. However, today's advanced search engines are far more complex.

This article will provide information on how one may face a duplicate content penalty.

Google is one of the most popular search engines and they have been waging war against all forms of search engine spam, particularly the presentation of duplicate content.

Here are a few tips...

Do Not Repeat of Keywords Constantly

This worked in the past. Now, it will work against you. Google has become a lot smarter and is able to pick up when you’re writing for the search engines instead of the visitors.

Alter Affiliate Programs Swipe Text

Generally, Google doesn’t seem to have much of an issue about sites using affiliate links, etc. It isn’t entirely happy about it but… it closes one eye.

However, you should always alter the swipe/promotional text you get from the affiliate products’ websites.Using ‘cookie cutter’ content for affiliate products just might wake the sleeping and already grumpy Google lion.

So, it would be wise to rewrite the swipe text if you’re putting them up on your site. And now let me address the biggest misconception…Many marketers believe that they will be penalized for using content that appears on other sites.

This is NOT true.You will not be penalized for using content that appears on other sites. This especially applies to PLR content. (Just make sure you have permission to reproduce the content if it's not PLR)

The duplicate content penalty is given to sites that use the exact same content on several pages in their site. This is a sign of trying to manipulate the system. The key point point here – One piece of content should only appear once on your site!

If you take a single PLR article and use it to create 10 pages and just change the page title, this will be duplicate content because the same article appears 10 times on 1 site.

I hope this clarifies things.There is nothing wrong with using PLR content on your sites.

Many news articles are syndicated and appear in several different websites. The content is exactly the same, yet the sites are not penalized because the content only appears once.

That is the crux of the matter… and that’s how the duplicate content penalty works.

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