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Hi! I am a blogger and social media enthusiast!

My name derived from Ireland and actually means "Painted Warrior" and my last name is a very popular Irish name which means High and Noble. So I consider myself as a High and Noble Painted Warrior. Those that know me would think much different. They would call me a respected and well liked man who is passionate and cares most for the people in his inner circle. A person who enjoys helping others and pretty shy at times.

For me personally... High and Noble Painted Warrior comes into play in life itself. Auto Accidents, Cancer, Divorce, Suicide in Family and more have challenged me to fight hard and be strong.

This passion has inspired me and is home to my blogging tips and blog marketing advice catered to personal, professional, and business bloggers alike.

In addition to maintaining this site with my own posts, I am a writer, covering a wide range of related topics including online marketing, social media, and search optimization as well as personal life experiences and challenges which I will be sharing in my next book and hope to have it published in the next year if not sooner.

Thanks for stopping by.
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How to Find Hot Buying Customers

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Posted 22nd September 2011 at 07:28 AM by AskScottOBrien

Ok, before we start looking at how to get any products at all, the most important thing to look for is if there is a demand – a hungry tribe of people looking to buy your product.

There’s no point attempting to sell anything if there’s not a hungry tribe of potential customers wanting to part with their cash. Imagine putting all your time and efforts into a product on, say, "one eyed people purple eaters" – it might be what you’re into, but I can’t really imagine there’s a huge market out there for "one eyed purple people eaters". So the successful selling formula is easy – a hungry tribe, and the right product or offer is going to bring you sales – and online you need both, the tribe and the product, AS WELL as lots of traffic to your website or your blog to make it work for you.

The right formula is NOT to find the product first and then find the market to sell it to; that is the wrong way round. We’re going to find the market first – that is crucial, and then we’re going to find products to suit that market. It’s a well known belief on the internet that approximately one in a hundred people to your website, if they’ve never seen you before, will buy off you, so that’s a one percent conversion. If you’ve got your own list of customers, that conversion rate does rocket up to approximately ten percent; these are figures that are quoted on the internet and that we’ve found to be true as well.

That being said... if you have a list of potential customers that landed on your list from a dog training product you were promoting last month, the best conversions for that list are going to be related to the dog training niche and that's what kind of products you will need to search for. You start throwing "one eyed people purple eaters" at them and you could potentially start losing people on your list and your conversions will not be very good.

So where do you start your search for Hot Buying Customers?'re going to have to sit down at your computer and start doing some research. Google is a great place to start. See what people are buying. Google Trends has a whole list of hot searches.

Stay tuned... my next post will be more on finding Hot Products that will sell once you find what people are searching for.

All the Best...
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