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Fastest Way To Make Money

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Posted 12th August 2009 at 04:13 AM by Astounding Writing Coach

For the newbies, some of you have emailed me asking for ideas on the fastest way to make money. The following is THE fastest way to make money AND save money AND save time in your business.

Find your market first, then choose the products to sell to your market. Here is a clear example. If you need further clarification, please e-mail me at yoursecretwishes@gmail.com.

Suppose you've decided that you prefer to serve the natural health market. Remember, you got into business to serve your market first before making money first. So, stay focused on ways you can serve your market.

What does serve your market mean? It means you are focused on how you can help others reach their goals. You are focused on how you can add value to the lives of others in your business.

When you think of others first, you care about helping them simply because you naturally feel that way about humanity. Desiring to help others is a human trait. When you follow through on that intuitive quality, you actually make a lot of money.

Okay, so you're tooling along in life and you happen upon a car accident. You see someone suffering in pain. The person WITHOUT relief, is your target person you desire to help.

Think about this analogy in your business. The person without your product/service is suffering in 'pain.' Because of your natural desire to show compassion to those who are suffering, you seek to help him/her.

So you see an accident victim, suffering. Do you rush to see if that injured person will be interested in buying your product or service? NO! That would be ridiculous.

You rush to see how you can help the suffering person return to wholeness and out of (perhaps) danger or threat of danger and end his/her suffering. This is the same thing you do in your business. You act according to your genuine and natural desire to help others first before thinking of yourself. You add value to them first, before you add value to your own life.

So, to continue on with our example of your market being natural health, you happen to have in your car's trunk a natural health first aid kit. In the kit, there are bandages and a natural health first aid cream.

You reach into your kit, thinking only about helping the person end his/her suffering rather than think first about getting a new customer and his/her money. You pull out some bandages and your amazing first aid cream. In your mind, you picture yourself freely giving the bandages and cream to the person if he/she accepts it.

He/She does accept your help. You feel happy inside knowing you helped a suffering person. You get up to walk away and the person, naturally wanting to do something in return to thank you for your help, offers you his/her business card and requests you to contact him/her at a future time. He/She wants to repay you for your kindness.

This is a natural human trait. So, in a few days, you call the number to see how the person is doing. This person turns out to be just an average Joe/Josephine but also is in a position to get you a whole bunch of new customers through some club or association. The victim loves your natural first aid cream. It speedily healed the injury experienced during the accident.

You say 'yes' to the offer and because you chose first to serve your market, you got way more than you expected in return.

In this example, you were already ready. You already had with you products commonly used by the masses. When you know your market and already have products/services the masses typically use, you have a winning product/service.

Hope this information helps you more clearly understand how to quickly make money, save money (because you invested in something typically used by the masses instead of only a obscure, tiny market segment that has little disposable income) and saved you time and frustration because you didn't guess what you would sell to make money, you intelligently knew what was a high seller.
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