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Facebook Advertising and Marketing - The New Media Landscape

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Posted 14th October 2012 at 12:46 PM by AuthenticHealthCoaching

Facebook Advertising and Marketing
Compare the online media industry with radio, newspaper and TV and you’ll see it’s the only one that’s growing (and growing rapidly!).
There are so many reasons why…

Consumers love the speed of information on the internet. They get today’s news today. They get hot deals on penny auction sites and eBay. They get cheaper books on Amazon. They get more movies faster on Netflix with no late fees (and now Amazon Instant Video which is huge!).
They stay in touch with their friends on Facebook and Twitter.

For consumers the internet is a HUGE win over traditional media.

But I think it’s an even bigger win for entrepreneurs like you and me!

Just as the internet has dramatically reduced the cost of buying books, reading news, watching movies and staying in touch with friends, it’s also reduced the cost of doing business – so much so that anyone anywhere in the world can start a business online if they have the a computer and internet access.

In fact, if you have an internet connection and a computer, you don’t even need ONE PENNY to start an online business!

There are millions of sites like Blogger, Wordpress, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Squidoo that will host your content for you for free, no problem.

Then there are millions of product owners who will let you sell their products for commission in what are called affiliate programs, no problem.
So with just a little bit of work you can create a business website for free, hosted by someone else, and sell someone else’s product for commissions to earn revenue.

This is just one example of a way to start your own business online without spending a penny. There are a million more ways to do it – the only limit is the current technological breakthroughs we have and your creativity.

I’m not saying I think it’s best to start a business online or market your current business online without spending a penny. I think there are some wise investments you ought to make in marketing your business online. But the fact of the matter is that you will never need to spend nearly as much as entrepreneurs had to just 20 years ago.

Okay, so you’ll need to spend a few hundred dollars on graphic design and maybe web design. Maybe you’ll need video hosting software or this and that. Total expenditures? A few thousand dollars probably. You can get by with much less (I know I did when I first started!).

My point is this – there’s never been an easier time to start a business than today. And there’s never been an easier time to grow a business than today thanks to the internet. Everything has changed.

And nowhere is that more apparent than with Facebook itself. This little company started in the dorm room of some guy who couldn’t get a girlfriend in 2004. Today, the company is worth billions. It’s an unbelievable story!

But what’s even more unbelievable about it is what it’s doing for small business owners like me and you…

Now thanks to Facebook you can connect with your target customers – for free!

Now thanks to Facebook you can stay in touch with your past customers and offer them DAILY tips, advice, information, discounts, deals and much more – for free!

Now thanks to Facebook you can find out what problems your potential customers are having RIGHT WHEN THEY HAVE THE PROBLEM – and connect with them and help them solve that problem – for free!

Now thanks to Facebook you can have your customers spread your message and your marketing to thousands of their friends at the click of a button – for free!

Now thanks to Facebook you can run the most highly targeted advertising campaigns in the history of the world – for just a few cents a click.

Facebook has changed everything for small business owners. Let me show you how to profit from this change.

About The Author: Tom Corson-Knowles is the best-selling author of Facebook For Business Owners and How To Make Money With Twitter among others. Tom blogs regularly about how to make money online without spending all your money to get started.
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