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Bing Launches Disavow Links Tool Gets Jump on Google

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Posted 9th August 2012 at 04:56 PM by bamstk090

The penalties search engine are increasing these days and most of the website owners concern a lot about ‘low quality links’ that point to their blog/site. Website owners think that “bad links” point to their site could be became serious major SEO penalty. They think that link from the low quality sites (spam or auto generation content) could have a negative impact on their site search engine rankings. Search engine penalties are growing more common; but what’s worse is that it like very little webmasters can do about it.

Google Webmaster Tools make site owners be careful of the “inorganic link penalty,” but until now, the penalties was a mysterious process. Webmasters must have more control over links to their website, Bing has launch a new feature called “Disavow Links” at bing Webmaster Tools. This tool allows webmasters to submit page, directory or domain URLs of spammy or low quality sites that link to their site. The new feature can be found under the ‘Configure My Site’ area of Bing Webmaster Tools.

Google recently announced that it would provide a new “Disavow Links” tool as part of Google Webmaster Tools. There’s just one problem: Google is behind the Bing. That’s waqs major competitor, Bing, is already on this. Google has recently announced its intent to expand Webmaster Tools with a “Disavow Links”, but Bing got there first, with a fully featured Disavow Links tool available in Bing Webmaster Tools. The new functionality allows webmasters to submit pages, directories, or domains that they want to “distance” their sites from.

Official Bing’s blog post : Disavow links tool allows users to easily and quickly alert Bing about the links that they do not trust. They can use the drop-down menu to input signals to Bing at the page level, a directory level or at a domain level. There are no limits to the number of links that they can disavow. Users can also export the list easily once it is built. This will inform the search engine about the sites that users want to stay away from, and the respective content of users’ site will not be associated with that low-quality site anymore.

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