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Mistakes in link building for your Website

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Posted 10th August 2012 at 10:03 AM by bamstk090

Hello everyone, I want to share about my experience building backlinks for Amazon sites and Micro Niche Site. Previously, I want to tell us a bit about my experience with Google Penguin. Impact of the Google Penguin algorithm is very huge on the my amazon sites and my adsense sites. There are even some websites that was thrown very far from the first page google whereas before the update of Penguin was in the TOP 5 Stress? Dizziness? Angry? Sure bro … frankly all the web was built with good content and easy to read, design a pretty sight, and even faster loading. In theory and practice, my web SEO ON PAGE was good.

In terms of building backlinks, I was a lazy, very lazy even practically. Because of laziness, I often use the services of a backlink from Fiver, warriorforum, or from another forum. But now, i use my original backlink not resource backlinks anymore. i have learn my mistake and never do that again

Several types of backlinks which I used to apply for my web is:
1. Forum Profile Backlink
2. Website 2.0
3. Wiki backlink
4. Premium Blog Network
5. Article Directory
6. Press Release
7. EDU & GOV
8. Etc.

Quite a lot of backlinks and the result is wow … amazing, I can quickly enter page 1 google and i got huge traffic and $ $ $ was not bad. But that is a problem, after update Penguin’s, my website has a very significant decline and lose a lot of traffic from search engines.

After reading several sources and from google itself, it turns out that my cause is a build backlinks is considered as a not normal activity which google think it is a site SPAM. Well, actually makes sense too … because the number of backlinks is not reasonable in a fairly quick time.

Then I look again closely, it turns out there are some mistakes that I did when building backlinks. You may also make the same mistake. It’s the fault that I did when building backlinks to my website:

1. Backlink Too Focused On the Home Page. Hmm … google robot must wonder: “why this website has many backlinks, but only to the homepage? If a website is much to recommend it should have backlink to the category and posts”

2. Anchor Text Backlink do not have a variation (only one or two types only). Hmm … google robot was surprised: “Why all the backlinks is with same keyword? too focused on one or two keywords.“

3. Build Backlinks in one or two platform type. Hmm … google robot still wonder: “this is why backlinks only from one type backlinks (example : forum profile backlinks).”

4. Not Consistent In Providing backlinks. Hmm … google robot more surprised; “2 months ago this site get 500 backlinks, then the next month not get at all, then suddenly this month there were 1000 backlinks.”

5. COMPLETELY no link/recommendation from social media like facebook, twitter, pinterest, Google and others. Hmm … google robot furious; ”not logic, lots of backlinks (thousands backlinks) but there is no such recommendation in social media.”

So from my experience, maybe some could be taken to learn how to build backlinks with better, more natural, and will provide positive impact to your website. The next sharing is the way I build backlinks to the correctness and will not be any problem on google update, like the google penguin, google panda, wild duck google , google pig, and others.

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