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The shortest way to Succeed Online

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Posted 18th June 2014 at 09:49 AM by bassem

Hi Warriors,

This is my first blog post and i want it to be a no fluff post so it helps you make money as soon as possible after reading.

If you apply what will be said in here , i can guarantee you can see your first dollars in a matter of 24h... so Give me you attention.

One of the real ways to make money online is to be realistic and stop dreaming about the golden spoon that will feed you without doing any effort, that is a real fantasy and total crap when talking about business. when thinking back about my 4 years in this business i realized that only when i stoped dreaming and reading about all the get rich quick schemes , only when i made my first real money only which was $12000 in only 6 days. yes only 6 days... and i will tel you in the next blog post how it it exactly, and i am sure you can do it too.

When i took the decision to stop reading even though i enjoyed reading,and I was reading about everything i put my hands on ebooks , new strategies ,wsos, youtube videos, free PLRs paid memberships, Dan kennedy, Frank Kern, Eben pegan, tony robbins..you name it...BUT it was keeping me from taking action.

and this business if you lack of action you wont make a dime believe me.

I am not telling you not to read, but believe me if you have 2 years now learning ,let me tel you that It's the time to stop and START applying what you have learned. because when do you think you will start if not Now ??

So my advice to you is : what ever strategy you have learned and you feel comfortable with , strat doing it right now, even with the simpliest steps, like writing a plan on a paper or builsing a squeeze page, or picking a nice PLR or writing a good Report to give for free in order to build your list. Basicaly anything will contribute to building momentum to your success.

I will tel you the next time how i made $12000 in 6 days.

To your success

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