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Inside Search Engine Rankings, What Goes Into Them and How You Can Benefit

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Posted 30th May 2014 at 01:51 PM by beasty513

A problem that search engines encounter often is the design of
websites that purely use advanced programming such as C++,
JavaScript or CGI. If the navigation links within your site are
powered by these advanced scripts alone, the search engine will
not be able to fully browse your site. You need to provide links
done in basic HTML so that the engine can read your website.

It takes months for a website with a new domain name (.com,
.org or .edu) to show up on search engines. Google has imposed
an ageing delay on new websites so that it doesn’t waste time on
indexing websites that don’t last long. If you want to change
your domain name, I suggest you rethink your plan and use what
you have instead. A cosmetic facelift of your existing web pages
along with several good quality SEO articles will serve you
better in the long run. After all, you will be working with what
you already have. If you know all the insides and outs of your
website, then it would be so much easier to revise than replace because of familiarity.

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Some internet marketers make the mistake of placing keyword
density requirements above that of article quality. At first
glance, it does make sense to optimize an article for your
keywords rather than be concerned with artistic considerations
or honest, from the heart writing. However, bear in mind that
not everyone will buy your product or idea. You know that what
you sell is sellable only to a certain target market. If you
prioritize keyword optimization in your article rather than
writing the article for the sake of the product you want to sell
and for the information of your target audience, chances are you
will attract buyers of another commodity that you do not have.

The keyword here is relevance. A person searching the internet
for something he needs will filter out the search results by
using the relevance criterion. My suggestion is, write the
article for the sake of your product and for your target
customers’ information. Place the priority of keywords as a
secondary consideration. It’s all about relevance. I know that
it would be a plus for you if you manage to pull in lots of
traffic even though they don’t want anything to do with your
site. Believe me, misleading a person in the internet is a risky
business. That person you mislead can hit back by starting-up an
email brigade against your website.

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Be specific with your keywords. Don’t generalize. The biggest
disadvantage of internet shopping is that customers are not able
to scrutinize the product personally. What they usually do is
find out from other sources what the product is all about, how
it works, etc... When they decide to finally buy, they know what
they’re looking for and will mostly likely use a specific name
brand as part of their search strings. Your keywords need to be
able to match those strings in terms of number of words matched
and how the order of those words match. Others will search for
stuff by using its sub-categories. For example, when looking for
bras, women need to spell out their torso and cup size.

So, the bra size can be a 36 B or a 36 C. Then there are colors to
choose from like red, burgundy and black. A bit more specific is
the bra classification. Is it a half-cup or a push-up, or is it
a sport bra? With these factors in mind, you can conclude that a
woman looking for a bra in the internet can type in “black
push-up bra 36-C”. Do you have key phrases to match those search
strings? Are the words in your key phrases arranged in the same
order? The final consideration is the literature where those
keywords are embedded. If the article is just a jumble of words
full of keywords, the search engine will most likely discard
your website in favor of another. This will decrease the ranking
of your website in the search results page. In worst case
scenarios, they may actually ban your website from showing up in search results.

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To your success,

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