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The 1 Thing That You Will Need To Make Money

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Posted 12th June 2014 at 03:00 PM by beasty513

You can never have enough.

Leads that is.

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E-mail marketing may very well be considered one
of the most conventional or traditional tools in online marketing.

But it still is one of the most effective ways for any
marketer to gain leads and prospects for their online
Like many tools out there, it's how you use them that matters.

Here are some tips which you can use to increase
your e-mail marketing effectiveness.

1. Increasing Open Rates
Want to boost your open rates?
Well, give them a reason to do so.

By stating the benefit that they can obtain from
reading your message, you can increase your open rates as much as 50%!
Take this for example, "Free Shipping for Purchases
above $15 (Before The Month's End ONLY!)" or
"FREE Coupon Worth $$$ Inside"

Remember, your e-mail subject lines should always
be related to your content.
It could even be more effective if you can insert
something that creates some sense of importance and urgency.

2. Limiting Typefaces
Unless you're marketing for a design company, keep
the number of different typefaces that you use during
your email marketing to a small number.
The ideal number would be 2 and at maximum 3.

Nothing more.

This is because using too many typefaces can make
your content look like clutter and it will be harder
to point out to your readers which part of your
content should they be paying more attention to.

3. Visible Call-To-Action
Your readers can't respond to your call to action
if they can't see it in the first place.

If you place your call-to-action below the fold, let
me tell you now that more than 60% of your readers
will never see it.
(If you content fails to catch their attention all the
way through, they will never scroll all the way to
the bottom).

The best is to put a call-to-action early in the e-mail
and somewhere above the fold. It's also good if you
and repeat it at least 3 times in the e-mail.
So the top, middle, and finally the bottom would be
the sweet spots to place your Call-To-Action.

4. Pixel Perfect
If your e-mails width is 700 pixels or more, than
chances are your readers are going to have to use
the horizontal scroll bar to read on what's not
appearing on screen.

It's not a good idea if they have to scroll horizontally
just to read your message. It makes your message
that much harder to read.
Because they have to scroll back to the left after
done reading the end of the sentence which is on the
far right.

You'll quickly lose your viewers interest that way.

And imagine receiving these kinds of e-mails again
and again. Eventually they won't even bother to
read it anymore since it requires such effort.

So the best way is to limit your email's width to
around 550-650 pixels.
Let the only scrolling going on be the vertical one.

5. Include Your Company/Business Logo

According to studies which involves eye-tracking,
readers tend to scan the upper left-hand side of
the e-mails they are reading for logos.

So, it's time to put your logo in that area and this is
a good excuse to come up with one if your logo
doesn't have one yet.

6. Auto-Responders For New Opt-Ins

Sometimes, people in your list actually forget they
actually opt-in into it.

Auto-Responders come in handy in these kinds of

You can set them to send out e-mails to new people
in your list informing and reminding them that they
actually opted into your email list.

Your should also prepare an email for your
auto-responder to send out valuable content or bonus
material or download as a form of thanks and reward
be give to those who opted in.

7. Maintaining The Theme

Your landing page (or the page which they opted in)
should have its similar theme, feel, and look
reflected in the e-mail you send out.

That way, your readers can immediately recognize
the email they received.

Plus, it will feel familiar to them. Which is a good thing.

People will be less skeptical and more trusting if
they encounter something more familiar to them.

8. Testing It Out

Try sending your email(s) to some of your friends
or associates and ask them for their honest opinion
on what do they think of it.

Does it reach out to them? Can they relate? Are they
able to quickly and easily identify the intended

Bases on their opinions you can further tweak your
email to be more effective before sending it out to
the masses.

Also it's important to employ the use of tracking tools
to track which of your e-mails and also landing
pages are performing better.

Much Success
P.S.- Before you leave- Click here to gain access to these Traffic Generation Secrets!
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