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Best RSS Directories for Link Building

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Posted 30th July 2012 at 09:07 PM by BenJackson

Every blog has an RSS feed and many sites have a blog attached with a feed. If your site has an RSS feed then you have the opportunity to build some very easy backlinks with RSS submission.

For each feed directory that you submit to, you will have a new, dedicated page on that site for your own feed. These pages usually link to your homepage, display an excerpt of your post or the entire post, and then link to each of your recent blog posts.

Essentially, you are getting many links for just one submission. Furthermore, it's self-updating, so you will always have fresh links to your new blog posts. Not a bad deal right?

The only problem with RSS feed directories is that many get destroyed by spam. Link builders create bots that submit at rapid speed and overwhelm the directories. This makes it much harder for those of us doing honest, manual submissions for legitimate feeds.

There's nothing you can do about the spam, but what you can do is target the sites that are doing the best handling spam. RSS directories that are succeeding in combating spam will stick around longer, offer a better user experience, and often times pass more "link juice" back to your site.

How to Find the Best RSS Directories

You know why you should be submitting your feed for links, and why you should submit to the best rss directories. Now you just need to know how to find these high quality directories.

I have a couple guidelines you can use during your search.

A very quick indicator of a directories health is its homepage PageRank and it's Alexa ranking. You can install extensions on whatever browser you like to use in order to quickly check these metrics. Within a couple seconds, these factors give a rough estimate of the amount of traffic the site receives as well as its general authority in the eyes of Google. You're looking for sites with high PageRank and low Alexa ranking.

Besides these metrics, the most important factor in deciding the quality of a feed directory is whether or not it requires a login. Simply by requiring that users sign up and login in order to submit a feed stops a vast majority of spam for a few reasons.

First off, some programmers are lazy and would rather just make software that submits to the "easy" directories. Having a login required is deterrant because that would require more coding for the software to get past. Also, it adds a few more steps to the process which allows the software more margin of error, which results in fewer successful submissions. This all leads to less spam.

With these factors in mind, you should have no trouble selecting the best RSS feed directories to submit to and build links with.
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