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How to get on the first page of Google Super Fast!

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Posted 16th April 2013 at 08:35 AM by bizness452

Ok so your here for one reason

You want to know how to get on the first page of Google
and you want to do it quickly

So you can start driving traffic

So you can start earning for your online business

Am I right?

Today we are going to go over the key components
to get you there quickly and stay there

I’m also going to give you some of my personal resources
to give you a kick start

This may seem like a lot to take in at first but the first
2 parts are very easy to master and the third can be out sourced

So pay attention and turn off all distractions

How to get on the first page of Google

first things first, if you dont have one already
you need a website.. I recommend this one

Once you have a website you need to do keyword research
This is the most important step

Step 1 = Keyword research

Head over to a FREE tool called Google keyword tool


You want to be choosing keywords with low competition
and high traffic. Meaning any keyword that gets 500 searches
or more per month with under a 1 million competitors.

- The lower the competition the better

To see your competition you can take your keyword and
search for it on Google and it should show you all results like this:

You also want to be choosing keywords that are longtail
as a opposed to short


Short tail

“Mouse trap”

Long tail

“Mouse trap with cheese”

Step 2 = Content Creation

Once you have picked your keyword it’s time
to create content, but you need to make sure of a couple
things when creating content

You want write an article that is at least
500 to 1000 words that contains your keyword several

lets take “how to get on the first page of google” for
an example:

1. In the tittle
2. In the URL
3. A heading (H1 and H2) tag
4. In the body 1 time for every 100 words
5. first and last sentence
6. In the ALT text of a picture
7. In the anchor text of a internal/external link

It does NOT have to be exact, but close enough
and you want to make sure you are writing for
your reader first and search engines second

Step 3 = Backlinks

So once you have the first 2 parts correct now you need backlinks
and with all the pieces this is how to get on the first page of Google quickly

You want to get a lot of links and they need to be diverse
meaning NOT from just one source. Many sources!

These links need to be pointing back to your site or
another site that is linking to your site

Below are all the types of links you will want to link to:

A. Social
B. Web 2.0
C. Article directories
D. Press release
E. EDU and GOV
G. Forums

This next part is VERY important
You want to get links in related
categories and on related sites with
the highest possible page rank (PR)
and Alexa score

- is a highly regarded site that
ranks websites

- Page rank ranges from 0 to 10

The higher PR the better and lowest Alexa score.
Sites like Google and Facebook have the highest page rank
and lowest Alexa score ( PR 10, Alexa score 1)

Every link that has a PR 4 or higher will out weigh a
PR 3 or lower

And when I say related I’m saying sites similar
to what you are writing about

If you get your article about fish linked
to a fish site that will hold higher value
than an unrelated site

Although with Googles ever changing algorithym
Social sharing sites are becoming extra popular
with how Google ranks a webpage…

Now when linking you also want to be using variations of
anchor text

(Anchor simple means the word that is in the link)

Anchor text example:

How to get on the first page of Google

For anchor text you will want to use your keyword,
general text (click here or check this out), url,
and related keywords

If you use your original keyword too many times
in your anchor text Google will consider it spammy
and NOT rank you highly

So now that we know this how do we get all these links?

You can either do it manually which can be time consuming
and tedious or you can use tools and/or outsource it

Some tools I recommend are:

-Social Monkey
-Only Wire
-Tribe pro
-Article Wizard

You can use all these tools to build links
to your site or…

…if you do not have the luxury
of time or you just don’t have the patience
like myself you can out source

Places like and
are easy and inexpensive places to
get your SEO work done for you

With the right amount of links and best strategy
you can rank your site quickly for specific keywords


There some final things to consider when trying
to rank FAST on Google

As a mentioned earlier about linking to high
PR and low Alexa score sites like Facebook…

…it is also just as important for your own site
to have these qualities and be on an aged
domain ( a website with years of use)

When most people first get started online
they usually want to get their own website,
but then the problem comes when they need to
set it up and then try to start ranking
it on Google

Their websites are usually NOT that aged
and don’t have ALL the qualities mentioned

So it usually takes more work and time to rank
for keywords than a site that has those qualities

But I found a site that has high PR, a low Alexa score,
and an aged domain…

It’s called the Empower network and you may have
already heard of it.

It basically has become a very popular blog because
you can rank for most keywords FAST, Highly
customizable, It’s already set up for you at a push of a button
and whats the best part?

You get PAID 100% Commissions when you refer
others to purchase it for ONLY $25

If your having trouble ranking on Google and problems setting
up your website than a Empower Network blog may be right for you

Watch this video to learn more

And then get started with your very own Empower Network blog
PlUS my own very special BONUSES for you when you
decide to BUY through this link

My Bonuses Include:

- A copy of my resource file of My ‘Secret’ File Of RED HOT Traffic Sources ($97 Value)
- Access to my private Facebook group ($47 Value)
- Instant access to my Automated marketing system ($497 Value)
- Private training videos for members only ($197 Value)

This is best possible way I know…

How to get on the first page of Google Fast!

You will get it after you see this video

To your success,

Jason Anello

=>Connect With Me On Facebook
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