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[* PLR *] Traffic Generation LEAD MAGNET

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Posted 16th October 2017 at 08:45 PM by Bizopboost

Every Online Marketer Understands that the Best way to Generate Sales is to have a Large Email List of Subscribers.
It is Time to start Building the right type of List.
But even if you've already got a list, you can still tweak your business processes With The Emails Included Here to get a Better Response after the fact.

Email's come a long way since the Wild,
Wild West days of 2006.

Back then you could pretty much do what
you wanted and made bank.

Then 'spam scores' and junk mail folders
came to town. Like Clint Eastwood in a
Western, everyone was forced to sit up
and take notice.

Open rates went down, click-thru rates went
down and our attention spans were shot to

Email certainly ain't dead but...

What do you do?!


You break from the herd, zig when they
zag and remember that time and technology
change but...

... people don't.

Our psycology, emotional and basic needs
are the same now as they were hundreds or
thousands of years ago.

Now to me, the best kept email marketing
secret is the one everyone overlooks
because it's dead simple and easy.

So, for the sake of your bank balance, don't
ignore this and learn to:

"Speak in your own voice"

Now I don't care if you're a guy with a
ladies pen-name in the pregnancy niche. You
need to be different and connect with your

And the best, not to mention easiest way, is
to speak with your own voice.

Let your personality shine and, yep, just
like the real world some people won't like

The rest on the other hand, and this is the
important bit, will like you while a small
pro-portion will LOVE you.

When you speak to everyone, you speak to no
one. If you don't share opinions you're
nothing but a grey-assed politician telling
everyone what they want to hear.

Be yourself and let your voice shine through.

Seriously. A simple tip but it's a BIG thing
that will separate you from the crowd and
make writing your emails a whole lot easier.

Next we're going to talk MWR. The most
important thing you need before writing an

See you soon!

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