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Day #7 - Talking Linkable Assets

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Posted 28th May 2013 at 02:56 AM by blackrabbit

Lets talk linkable assets. "What'chu you talking about willis" I hear you cry? Well on day #4 I talked about building something epic - for free and mentioned how I was using my existing skills to create something that was free and that would attract links.

Building a linkable asset
For the longest time I tried to use the standard formula of creating a pdf that people could download for free in exchange for their email address. It might be a "run a faster 10k in 6 weeks" style download or perhaps a "21 awesome ways to lose belly fat" style of guide and while these have helped get subscribers, they never attracted visitors.

The reason was simple. The content wasn't good enough to go viral and actively attract links and traffic.

Knowing your own skills
I'm a terrible writer. While I practice every day to become better, when I was publishing ebooks I was terrible. My spelling and grammer match that of a 13 year olds and to be honest, the ebooks really didn't make sense.

I took a step back and looked at what I was good at and more importantly, what I enjoyed doing. For me my biggest asset was my ability to write neat little web apps.

What if you can't write and can't code?
Every single one of you has a skill, has that little something that you can bring to your niche. Not a writer or code monkey? How are your design skills? Do you find it easy to podcast or screencast? Think of projects that you have worked on - which aspects did you enjoy the most? Chances are those are where you will be able to create your best linkable assets.

Day #7 2 hours
I got up super early before work this morning and put in my 2 hours of effort. I focused on finishing my app tests and putting a template over the top of it.

I am quite excited as I should be able to make this live by day #10 ready for you all to play around with over the weekend
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