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How to Get Real Instagram Followers

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Posted 12th October 2012 at 02:50 PM by bloggerd

Social media, will it ever end? Seems like as soon as I get the hang of one platform, 2 new ones pop up. Well, not all are worthy of our time, however in the top 6, I would say that Instagram has just made the cut. So, if your thinking about using Instagram as a tool for your mobile internet marketing, then your next question is probably “Whats the best way to get real Instagram followers”.
What do you think makes an Instagram account worthy of hundreds or even thousands of Instagram followers? Of course, there are a lot celebrities out there who have Instagram accounts and have this amount of followers, but not everybody has the power of celebrity behind them. For the average user, for the average photography-loving Instagram account holder, how does one get Instagram followers in droves?
To answer that question, here are a few simple strategies to help.
Learn From What Is Already Working on Instagram

Instagram is an image-based program, so what’s the best way to see what works on Instagram? The most practical and best way to do this is to look at the types of imagery that people are liking and that are trending right now on Instagram. A good place to do this on Instagram is through the “Explore” tab, which is represented by a compass icon within the program.
There are several things that you can learn here, and there are a few things that you will need to understand. First, there is a parallel between the number of an Instagram user’s existing followers and the number of “likes” their images receive. Basically, the more popular a photo is, there is a great chance that it is so popular because the people that posted them were popular. While this is not always the case, photos may be liked for more than just the merits of the photo itself.
Second, there are particular things that always tend to be popular on Instagram, as is true of most of the Web. For example, anything risqué or having to do with attractive women (and sometimes men) will always be fairly popular for one reason or another. So yes, you can post provocative photos on Instagram and do very well; however, these are not the only kinds of images that will do well on Instagram.
If you are able to get past these two factors, you will be opening yourself up to a great opportunity to learn about the kinds of legitimate qualities that really grasp the attentions of people utilizing Instagram. In fact, when you use the “Explore” tab, you may discover that many of the most popular images on Instagram actually share similar characteristics, such as unique angles, subtle wit and humor, vivid colors, and an effective point of view and use of contrast.
Just Like Twitter, You Should Utilize Instagram Hashtags

There are many social media accounts that utilize hashtags, and Instagram is no different. These hashtags are utilized in order to link together image posts that have similar characteristics or common subjects. If you know what is trending on Instagram and can strategically tag these images with relevant hashtags, you may in fact be able to increase your Instagram following by attracting new likes and new followers.
Location, Location, Location

Another great tool that many Instagram users haven’t really jumped on yet is the geo-tagging tool. Just as you can on Facebook, you can tag an image on Instagram with a location which will add the photo to a small archive of images that you have taken in that specific location. The basic idea behind this is that users can build up a visual representation of a location whether it be a local hotspot or a historical landmark. When you are a part of this representation and contribute images that are worthwhile and appealing, you create yourself an opportunity to attract new followers who are interested in these specific geographic locations.
Get Engaged – Interact, Comment, and Like

Finally, one of the most effective and simplest ways for you to get real Instagram followers is to actually engage yourself and interact with other Instagram users. Instagram is a social utility, which means that communication is two-way street. When you interact with others, they will interact with you and vice versa. Get on Instagram and start “liking” photos that speak to you. Get involved in a discussion about certain images when the desire strikes you. Send compliments and ask questions. And don’t just do it once a week. If you can, do it every day; however, avoid getting spammy. The best thing to do is to schedule your posts and limit yourself to a certain amount of posts or interactions per day.
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