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The Affiliate Marketing Success Finish Line

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Posted 13th March 2015 at 11:06 AM by bobandnanci

How do you know that you have crossed the affiliate marketing success finish line?

What exactly is the finish line that says I have reached my affiliate marketing success goal?
It's that thing that says I have gotten the golden ring. I made it. Now, I can go and drink margaritas in the sands of Cabo.

Actually, there shouldn't be a finish line. At least not if you want to have a successful business, one that you can be proud of. If you fall into this category you are on a relentless quest to be just a little bit better each and every time.

You don't see your business as a one and done thing. You are always looking to move to the next level to raise the bar just a little bit higher.
If you really do have a finish line set up that says you have achieved your affiliate marketing success, congratulations you have just started living the 1st day of the last day of your life. Or, in my brother's words, "Let's combine our retirement party and our funeral, that way our friends only have to get dressed up once."

Here's the real deal here: If you have what it takes to build something really big and valuable, you are going to be looking forward to "what's next". It may not be a business. It may be something philanthropic, but it will be there.

Having no finish line for your affiliate marketing success is not just about the money and the toys.

It means that you are doing something that you are passionately invested in. It means that you are doing something that means something to you.

When we make the decision to not have a finishing line for any aspect of our life and our affiliate marketing business, it means that we move from surviving to thriving.

The journey

You start out your affiliate marketing career in total excitement and amazement that you decided to take on being an entrepreneur. You are exhilarated every time something happens in your business. And, let's face it, you are scared to death.

Then you hit the routine stage. Here the money is coming in on a fairly regular basis. You are hitting your original goal for the money.
Next, you start moving up levels and adding zeros through duplication of what you are already doing.

You will hit barriers but if you have no finish line to delineate your affiliate marketing success you will always feel like you are just getting started.

Once you think that you have reached your finish line, take a break and recharge your batteries so that you can go out and do it all over again. This way the finish line is never a destination.

Chasing the rainbow

Now that you have decided that your affiliate marketing success has no finish line you are in the unique place of chasing the rainbow. This means that you don't have to reach anything in order to be a success. You can be a success every single day that you follow your life long pursuit of excellence in business.

Who knows, you may just be given the opportunity to achieve something that you had never thought about doing as you travel along your path and pursue your purpose.

You are always successful and you are never done.

Affiliate marketing success is a journey that does not need to have a destination.
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