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Integration Marketing - Have You Heard Of It?

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Posted 12th February 2014 at 07:38 AM by Brian Boyd

As I've come to understand it, integration marketing is the act of integrating your marketing message into the communication of someone else.

So, let's say for example you are building a website for Company A...In exchange for an actual money payment you ask Company A to integrate your information into something that they are doing...

Still confused?

It's simple. Maybe you get Company A to put information about you on each one of their fax cover sheets (you know, the ones that accompany every fax that they send)...At the bottom of the cover sheet can be your name, contact info and what you do. Nothing major - just a business card sized bit of information.

The end result is that each time Company A sends a fax the recipient is exposed to your information. Maybe this will result in new business for you and maybe it won't, but one thing is for sure...Depending on the number of faxes Company A sends your name is going to be out there to a lot of people.

Now, is this a "hyper targeted" way of marketing your services? No, definitely not. However, it is like a referral in a lot of ways because your name is going to be attached to the name of Company A. If the recipient of the fax trusts Company A then that trust will be passed on to you.

My fax example is just that, an example. Think about creative ways you can integrate your marketing message into that of other companies.

Hope that helps to inspire some thoughts in your head!

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