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Sell benefits, not features…Right?…WRONG!

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Posted 29th June 2015 at 11:02 AM by Brian Boyd

You’ve heard it a million times before: “people buy based on the benefit that a service provides, not the features of it.”

However, one of the world’s most renowned sales people, Mark Hunter (The Sales Hunter), will tell you a different story. Mark teaches that people do not buy for features or benefits…but that they buy because of a desired outcome.

For example, a benefit a company might get if they use your local marketing agency for SEO is that it is less expensive to hire you to do it as compared to a full-time employee that gets paid salary, benefits, retirement, etc…..BUT you don’t want to sell that fact. You want to sell the outcome of your service which is them saving money in salary, etc and making money based off of the service you provide.

See the difference? Mark talks in detail about it in this 2-minute video:


Here is what I think:

As a marketer attempting to secure new business from a prospect, I feel it is important to understand that the prospect already has a desired outcome in mind. It is your job to hypothesize what outcome they have pictured and then talk it up – or sell it.

This might be a whole different way of thinking for you – but it is the right way.

Do what Mark says in the video…Take the time to write down 10 outcomes that your service or services provide and really think about them before your next sales call.

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