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6 Reasons Why Your Emails Are Getting Deleted

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Posted 25th August 2013 at 06:43 AM by Brian Lett

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People are overwhelmed with e-mail. As found by a recent study, the average business user wades through 114 emails every day. That's why open rates are dropping, while "scan in-box and delete" is now common practice.

Like a marketer or even a small business owner, your goal is to attain a higher open rate. Without people opening your emails there's no way to allow them to take action depending on your articles.

If your e-mail open rates are reduced or suddenly falling, here are six reasons why this could be happening:

1. Bad subject lines

Subject lines are the gatekeepers to your e-mail campaign along with the first thing that viewers see in their own inbox. A boring subject line is mortal - it tells the reader your email isn't worth opening.

Go into the practice of working A/B tests on different subject lines to find out what works and what doesn't.

2. Your Content is Boring Them

They're seeking tips, guidance, or something useful. If you're continuously blasting ads, coupons or sales messages, people won't open your e-mails the following time around.

Concentrate on supplying content which helps people solve their problems. Thus, when you do use your e-mail channel to offer, subscribers may well be more open to your own message.

3. Content is Not on Point

At times it's not that your content is dreary, it's just not applicable to your subscribers. This occurs a lot when you've got distinct types of audiences subscribed to your own e-mail list.

Rather, send targeted emails to smaller sections of the list as a way to reach only those people who are interested in particular kinds of content. This may not only enhance your open rate, it will slash the number of pick-outs.

4. Images Are Being Blocked

These days most email clients block images automatically. Without images being loaded, it's impossible to monitor whether the email was opened or not. The only way the e-mail might be counted as opened is in case the recipient enables images, or clicks on a link.

Use ALT-text for any HTML e-mail newsletters you send. This code allows you to add a text description of an image where the space with an image would seem.

Be Certain to include JPEG image files rather than PNGs, because PNGs are not appropriate for all e-mail applications.

5. Sending Way Too Many Emails

It could also be that you are sending emails too frequently. When people first subscribe, establish their expectations by letting them know how frequently they'll hear from you - then keep your guarantee.

It's additionally a good idea to provide them with a setting page where they could update their interests and also the frequency of receiving emails, e.g., weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

6. A Disengaged Email List

Low open rates may also become a result of a poor quality email list. Then clearly the consumers are not comfortable with your business name, products, or services, in the event you purchased an email list from the seller and will probably not open your email s. Or, it may be your email list is so old. Older email addresses normally generally have lower open rates. Older e-mail addresses may not be being used anymore, which will adversely influence your open rates. For instance, the contact could be an employee who no longer works at the business, or the contact might work for a business that has been obtained, resulting in a new email address.

Be sure that you simply build your e-mail list from scratch, from your own sources. Be sure to provide fresh, interesting content to pull new zealous subscribers. If an email account never starts your email, don't be afraid to get rid of it.

Now It's Your Turn:

These e-mail tips and best practices must allow you to realize a far more productive campaign and boost your email open rates. How is your email campaign working for you?

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