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With The Right Loopholes Google Can STILL Be Owned

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Posted 28th August 2013 at 09:12 AM by Brian Lett

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A couple years back, Search Engine Optimization held lots of secrets. But, no further. In the event that you get a lot of money in the United States, it behooves you to really hire the best tax attorney in order for you to really manipulate tax loopholes to the full extent -- and letter -- of the law; nevertheless, what would occur if all of the loopholes were closed? When I am talking loopholes, I am not including tax exemptions, deductions, and credits -- advantages that the IRS as well as the US government intended as incentives -- I'm just discussing the unintentional -- albeit technically legal -- outcomes of ill-written tax law and policy. Loopholes.

Google's sort of the IRS of the internet, I guess, and Search Engine Optimization is now a war between Google's vision about what quality and valuable search results should look like -- and the rewards conferred onto anyone and everybody else who is able to just produce content that meets those rigorous standards -- and an entire business that is devoted to finding every short-cut and loop-hole possible, as soon as they're found, and systematically exploit these loopholes for as long as they exist and until they're closed. The entire SEO industry has been almost entirely fueled by exploiting loopholes, shortcuts, link syndicates, link conspiracies, strategic linking, shadow linking, and shadow content. And it's largely worked, too, until recently. Until Google

actually started rolling out Panda and Penguin algorithms.

Google's tightening and closing as many loopholes as it can get away with. Before, Google's treated the cancer of link spamming and shady SEO with quite comprehensive treatments, much like radiation or chemo, that would harm so many honest citizens to make it worth the amount of questionable Search Engine Optimization practitioners. Now, however, Google's algorithm have grown to be much smarter than just links, robots, and spiders. It includes an army of well - trained, savvy, human reviewers (10, 000 as of 2007, absolutely legion by now), as well as us, the more Internet that are a part of a very active social media attention economy. From legions of active Google-paid reviewers to a billion passive reviewers who create really useful patterns that Google can now recognize real-time and then set it through a Turing test, in case you will, to test to see if various and sundry memes, virals, videos, and popular message are propagating for real or as a result of the promotional command and control structure aimed toward gambling search for enjoyment and profit.

Google used to be extremely easy to fool because every time it tried to shut down SEO hijinks, it would also shut down millions and <>thousands of amateurs that are only doing idiotic things with their own totally - legitimate websites. Things that appear almost just as guess for a unethical Search Engine Optimization campaign. Partially because hobbyists only do stupid stuff once they're learning, partially because shady SEO consultants are everywhere and are giving poor advance to almost anyone, and finally because most ORM and SEO professionals have mastered the art of creating content that's pitchperfect asgood-as-but-nobetter-than beginning blogs, websites, journals, and social media profiles. If you can't conceal your (hundreds of) junk web sites in plain sight, then you've neglected.

Even Google's human ninja reviewers frequently get fooled. However, they're never misled by cheap, half assed, goodenough SEO strategies that had worked until lately, since I said. So, what to do, what to do? Now that Google's being unkind and is no more rattling sabers but taking really powerful individuals's corporate sites' heads off (and I am perhaps not joking, you will find many websites that make hundreds of an incredible number of dollars a year that were relegated to insolvency based on several conclusions, with time, that some SEO consultant or still another was able to offer them and implement. Good bye, Aloha, auf Wiedersehen, good night.

Listed here are the responses to all of your prayers -- though I have a sense this list is going to make you hate me:

Be newsworthy: any earned media outreach or social websites propagation campaign needs actual legs and being timely and newsworthy is vital - - just like every PR or promotional campaign. This will definitely mean you'll need to become way more strategic and need to spend more money on talent than on technology. Do you have something to declare? No? Well, is it possible to do something announce-worthy, newsworthy, that after that you can ride? It'll simply take time, resourcefulness, and cost some cash; that said, it'll all be worth it if you can break into every one of the noise and reach through all those deaf ears and touch people in a deep enough manner that they assist you to move your brand forward. If you can do that, the links will count and so will the tweets and Likes. When the social networking world and the blogosphere really end up selecting-in, it's legit and passes Google's Turing test.

Be interesting: You don't need to be news-worthy in the event that you can be fascinating. The Internet is rife with people laughing at their very own jokes. Compelling personalities with good senses of storyline, humor, narrative, and appeal are really rare. I dare you to truly be interesting. It's not as simple as it sounds.

Be social: Even if you're boring, you may nevertheless be social. Some people are artists, some people are art critics, as well as other people are curators. If you cannot be the interesting artist, you can instead be the acerbic art critic or the curator that digs through the on-line mediasphere finding other people's art and getting recognition because of it. Either way, be on the web, be participating, and be societal. Grow your on-line influence (it is simpler if you are newsworthy or fascinating, really, but it's not vital) and you, too, can support coverage and pass Google's Turing test together with the ability of earned media and engagement.

Be better: If you suck or should you've sucked previously, you can always crow about your getting better. Sort of just like a fat me bragging about all the weight I'm losing, all the weight I am lifting, and all the miles I am riding and running. Thus, work on becoming better -- but do not do it in a vacuum, do it out loud and let everyone else know. But, do not fake it. Why? Well, Yelp! for one.

Be funny: If you choose that one, do not rely on your own understanding of your own ability to be funny. In Addition, don't ask people that you pay, they'll laugh at whatever you say. If you want to know if you're funny, ask people you know from senior high school or college. Actually, in the event that you're really funny -- like witty, insightful, and laugh-out-loud funny, you'd probably know already. You are probably already known because of it. if not, will there be someone else in your workplace who's fun riot?

Be compelling: Camp counselors don't have to be talented, funny, or interesting, they merely need to understand how to make amazing experiences happen through some form of powerful nature. Being compelling means that you can create an environment that is safe, nurturing, generative, and structured - - can you be a social networking camp counselor? Are you able to become the man or woman who make Prom happen instead of having to become the King, Queen, or the Group?

Be committed: Even though you're a real dud, you can win the war by merely creating content, engaging online, blogging, tweeting, engaging, socializing, linking, Liking, retweeting, sharing, and then carrying this out from now and then forever -- if you can commit to creating a little content each and every day, connect with several other folks in your space a little every week, and to willfully and with objective making sure you get invited to all or any the coolest parties -- even in the event that you're not cool and have nothing to wear -- then you, too, may benefit from the new Google.

The long and in short supply of it really is that you'll should become your personal newsroom, creating content and newsworthiness and interest, all in your own; you'll need to then push that content out, share that content out, engage with influencers on the internet, see if they might well be interested on knowing more about your news-worthy news, your interesting self or content, asking them for their aid in getting the word, and then following-up with them a few times to make certain they do what they said they'd do -- and not because they were BSing you but because everyone's too active, diverted, and behind to do such a thing anyone says they will -- unless you hold their feet to the fire.

Therefore, good-bye shortcuts. Aloha loop-holes. Now, you'll need to purchase a few more hats for your own job: PR hat, entertainer hat, comedian hat, writer hat, social media geek hat, party planner hat, camp-counselor hat, and any other hat that motivates other people to engage with you more, to share of you more, and even write about you more -- and so long as they have the web link right, it doesn't really matter what they say about you, mostly.

Best of luck. Please let me know in the event that you'd like me to break things down more. I have written a million articles about blogger outreach, online engagement, social media marketing, Twitter prospecting, and digital PR; however, I must write a brand new post every week, so I'm pleased to write more and more and more about this favorite subject of mine. I'm a man obsessed, obviously. You should become obsessed as well -- or locate one or more individuals in or near to your own organization who can be. It's a necessity step.

Earn $7,500+ monthly by becoming an SOSComplete Internet Marketing Reseller
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