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What Can Google Hummingbird Do For You?

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Posted 5th October 2013 at 09:10 PM by Brian Lett

Never feel bad if you find yourself lost in the batch of recent Google updates. You'll want to get in the know in reference to their latest avian themed algorithm update, Hummingbird. The freshly hatched Hummingbird update refines how search results populate for user search queries and ruffles the SEO feathers of websites across the web. It's significant that you understand the main adjustments the Hummingbird update brought as you keep to build up your brand's on-line presence.

Searching Semantically

Google is now considering how you search instead of just what you're trying to find and this is especially true for sophisticated research queries.

In other words, searching is becoming more "conversational" as it's more trivial for consumers to ask their mobile phones complicated queries via voice commands. Before Hummingbird, inputting a complex question would bring up results that hit relevant keywords within the question and not truly answer the question directly that you authored. You may not have understood it but you probably caught onto this and customized your queries in ways to find the answer, not the way in which the query should get asked.

Generally Speaking, Hummingbird appears to be putting less emphasis on keywords and more emphasis in the specific context of your research. Several customers on the internet also see Google's previous move to make search phrase data "100% not provided" as placing more concentration on context and taking effectiveness away from keywords.

Relevance and Content

Since Hummingbird attempts to provide a more natural search environment, content on the internet that is much more in-depth and naturally worded appears to have an edge over keyword rich lines of text written completely for search engines in mind. Websites with well written, good quality content and pages grouped together which are relevant will rank even higher-than before with the launch of Hummingbird. This shouldn't come as a surprise because Google has been saying this for a little while now. In the event you've seen any backlash it's from those who are inundated with "old" Search Engine Optimization strategies regarding keywords. Those commentators will shortly find those "old" tactics without a lot of value with Hummingbird flying near.

The Future Is Mobile

It's difficult to disregard the reality that Google showed off and announced Hummingbird on the blog by using mockups on mobile devices...not on a desktop or notebook screen. The Web is accessed via mobile phones by users more than ever; that tendency doesn't appear to be diminishing in the near future and Google is keenly aware of the. Don't forget that Google has a large stake within the mobile market with their Android operating system also.

Google is really just reinforcing messages that it has been giving out for quite a while. High quality content truly is king now, as well as the usefulness of search queries is improved. Do not be scared about the Hummingbird update, embrace it and use it for the advantage of your brand.
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