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No! Google Hummingbird Has Not Killed SEO

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Posted 16th October 2013 at 07:57 AM by Brian Lett

As someone that performs SEO activities on a regular basis, it continues to blow my mind just how many educated and professional people do not even know what SEO means, let alone what search engine optimization actually is. Given, teaching a college class just on SEO would be quite difficult due to its sophisticated and fickle nature. Generally, but, we're rapidly approaching the year 2014, and Search Engine Optimization should be reasonably common knowledge.

As it is for company owners and internet advertisers it is almost as important for customers and internet users to be familiar with SEO. Although a lot of people may believe that Google just wants to help themselves in relation to search engine optimization, the truth is that their main focus is to enhance the user-experience - wean out the garbage, supply preferred and quality search results, and reach the whole process of online search as easy and smooth as possible.

Why So Many Google Updates?

It's barely a well kept secret that Google loves to shock us SEO people with algorithm changes and tactical updates. The newest of the upgrades that graced the virtual stage with its presence is Hummingbird. Normally, since Google released Hummingbird, the SEO world is a flutter with concerns, discussions, and analyses.

Although Hummingbird is going to significantly impact how research results are rated from here on out, it's vital to collect as much credible info as possible before making any rash decisions related to your own current Search Engine Optimization strategy. After all, not everything you read online is true, which is exactly what Google is attempting to overcome by launching now, and Panda, Penguin Hummingbird.

One of the exceptional things about SEO is that even "experts" in the area are constantly doing research and learning about new strategies, instruments, and best practices. Preserving a well-developed and enforced SEO strategy for your business doesn't mean that you have to spend hours every day reading SEO blogs and listening to Webinars. You do, however, should you stand any chance at being aggressive within your niche need to put some effort into remaining current with SEO trends.

The way to get in Harmony with Hummingbird

To be able to overcome and adjust to Google's newest algorithm updates, there are a couple essential things you must know about Google's Hummingbird. Generally speaking, it is vital that you really do not permit Hummingbird to fluster and frustrate you. Just get comfortable with the changes, and react accordingly.

Conversation is Absolutely Critical

Among the most significant changes that Hummingbird has established is an emphasis on dialog. This applies to every facet of the search process. Google is now able to understand these requests in order to provide more accurate and quality results for an individual.

Google Searches are Questions

In order to adapt to the change, the great thing you could do is ask all questions that a present or prospective client might type directly into a Google search bar. Provide the responses to the questions on your site.

Content is as Important as Ever!

Consistent, quality, and routine published content is highly regarded by Google for a while now, but now you should be certain to maintain a conversational tone in all your content. Keyword-stuffing and flowery language are a waste of time and also can harm your SEO strategy complete.

Despite what some may believe, Hummingbird hasn't killed link building. Basically, so long as you now own a white hat link building strategy in play, Hummingbird will not negatively impact your search results rankings. People who practice link building but ignore the quality aspect, however, will certainly see positions drop.
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