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Are You Marketing To "Bait Stealers" Or Buyers?

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Posted 7th August 2008 at 03:04 PM by BrianMcLeod
Updated 7th August 2008 at 03:15 PM by BrianMcLeod

From this thread in the Copywriting Forum:
Originally Posted by CSwrite
While a lot of my target market will be those that are brand new to making money online, I think that a portion of them will probably be just like me - sick of the hype, sick of reading sales letters.
And a portion of them will be retired, and a portion will be kids under 18, and a portion will be male and a portion femaie, and on an on...

What you need to do is FOCUS on who your CUSTOMER is, not everyone who might possibly read your sales message.

In any given sales situation, the majority do not buy.

Many of those people have no intention of buying no matter what you say or do. Others are looking for AN EXCUSE NOT TO BUY from you. They are mostly only useful for helping you identify and craft answers to objections - mainly because there will ALWAYS be another objection as soon as you resolve one for them.

These are "Bait Stealers", the little fish that steal your bait off your hook. They nibble, they peck, sometimes you even hook one.... then they spit the hook out or they're too small to keep.

When you are fishing, you don't care about those fish except how to minimize their effect on catching a SERIOUS fish (or 10).

When you're marketing, you shouldn't be centering your thoughts or efforts around "bait stealers" either (except to minimize costs).

PLEASE REMEMBER: Your BUYER wants to hear from you. They want to know everything you can tell them. They already like you and they are listening so work with them.
I guess I'm trying to figure out how to market to "me." And I'm a tough nut to crack. And if I don't know how to market to me - I'm not sure I can even reach this portion of my target market.
Figuring out how to market to "you" can be a death sentence. Forget that. Figure out WHO your BUYER is. I can barely begin to tell you how much easier the rest is once you get the first part right.

Hope this helps,

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