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Real Internet Marketing Business Model.

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Posted 20th November 2009 at 12:23 AM by CAPTCHAbiz

Hey Guys,

This is my third thread specifically earning from 'White hat' business model.

Who can use it?

2010 gonna start very soon and i am sure that there are lot of members (new and old) in WF are still finding it hard to make some decent earning online. FOR some people this will be like 'another' informational thread and i am sure that ONLY 1% of the people reading this will make use of it and will soon share there success story. So guys, here's my lil knowledge about TRUE and FOREVER online business. (That's what we want, right?)

Alright, i classify online business in ONLY 2 categories:-

1) Blue Fart Business:- Well i am not sure that i should use 'Black hat' and 'Business' together, because generally BH stuff have shorter life frame BUT at the same time it can earn you LODS of cash in short time.

White Hat Business

Now, Next 20% of my business is from eBay, i use ebay to sell information products by CD, ship them to customer and provide them with backend offers (In the CD) which help me in building my double optin list. This also help in gaining lot of back end sales. Due to the change in ebay's digital item policy, i say 70% of the ebooks seller quit (i was one of them earlier) now guys BELIEVE me ebay's ebooks market is virgin and its not about selling ebooks for $3-$4, you can easily get over $20-$200/ customer as you can add lot of stuff in your personalized CD's.

My next 20% of income comes from the sale of my ClickBank ebook, i made this product in june,2007 and TILL now i am getting sales due to the affiliates promotions and some Joint Venture's. It took me 15 days to create a 'Rehashed' ebook from different ebooks, i outsourced my sales page at GAF and i paid $50 for ClickBank listing and that's all. It still pays me on itself.

And LAST and MAIN 50% of my income comes from 'MEMBERSHIP SITES'.

You read it right, today it's all about membership sites. I have 4 membership sites and my resolution of 2009 is to add one membership site in every 30 days.

In ONE TIME SALES website, you just get paid one time for a sale however in Membership sites you get paid 'n' number of times and the efforts to make s 'sale' is same in both type of modals.

Whosoever is reading it, i want it by FORCE that if you are looking for 'Long Term' business, start throwing membership sites and get automated revenue. So how do you create membership sites?

1) Get a membership script from launch formula marketing.

2) Select the 'best' ebooks from your har drives (WIih PLR )and save them in one folder, Please note that all the ebooks needs to be from SAME niche. Now, use any freely available 'Pdf to word' converter and convert all ebooks in Word format. Open a new word pad and start pasting the different methods from different ebooks into one word pad. For example you have 7 ebooks on 'How to loose weight' so for sure every ebook might be having several methods in them, o copy 2-3 methods from every ebooks and paste them in word pad. Now add some 'Introduction' and 'Legal declaimer' on the starting. Now use the 'Word to Pdf' convertor like 'Nitro PDF professional' (which you can find for free in BHW) and covert your word sheet into brand new ebook.

I am sure you might have some questions like:-

1) It is rehashed stuff so will it increase the 'refunds', as the information is not new?

Ans:- There will be some refunds even when you have completely new product. Always remember that its not essential that what YOU know, is also known by your customer. You can check the 'Google trends' and see that there has been in increase searches of the terms like 'Make money online' and 'work at home' because every day millions of people are coming on internet to look for 'information' to make some passive income.

How to create 'Sales Page' quickly?

Ans:- there are two ways. Either outsource it or make it yourself. But i suggest you to make it yourself using very simple technique.
As you have created an ebook based on suppose 7 ebooks, so simple visit the sales page of all those ebooks website take some notes from each of the sales page and REWRITE them in your own words. You will get your own sales page in 30 minutes and also you can be sure about the conversion rate as the 'experts' are already using it.
For graphics, there very professional templates out there, you can use them or simply make order them for $100.

By now you should have a membership script installed, your own ebook and sales page.

How to get affiliates and Payment button?

Ans:- You can use SmartDD script, you can download it and install it on your server as it will AUTOMATICALLY deliver the unique download links to the customer's paypal emails.
However i recommend you to use PayDotCom as you will instantly get your product listed in there marketplace. However PDC needs one sale before you get your product listed in marketplace, so simply price your product at $1 and ask some one to buy the product, this way your product will get listed in PDC marketplace and thus you'll get more exposure to the product.

Important Structure of your membership site

In membership site you need to have sales page, OTO, downsell and more offers in membership area.

Sales Page:- we have already discussed it above.
OTO:- This is VERY important aspect of your website, you need to have OTO's and you NEED to price them at least 10X of the product's original price. OTO's can be anything, so if we take our previous example of 'How to loose weight' ebook, as an OTO you can offer something of very high value.

DownSell:- If your customer say 'No' to your OTO then IMMEDIATELY provide them 50-75% discount on the previous OTO's but even if he leave the offer then DO NOT provide them any other offer simply provide them access to the product.

Affiliate Offers in members area:-
For additional revenue you need to have different related offers in membership area. My 4-5% customers always buy the recommended products.

Payment processor:- Paydotcom or ClickBank, further you can use your CC merchant account (if you have it)

Chat Window:- What if your site's visitor is leaving your site?
Always, there will be 2 reason for it either They are not interested in the matter (we can't do anything, let them go)


The price is high, in this case we will use the 'Virtual Smart Agent' so when ever your site's visitor click on 'X' button to close the page, they will instantly get the chat window to offer them up to 75% discount. SO, probably you can get the small sale.

Feel that 75% discount is very high?

Think like this, if they buy at 75% discount, first you will charge them Every month, second you still have OTO's and downlsells to offer + membership Area offer's. ALSO, do not forget your can always advertise to those customers using broadcast as you have there name and emails.

The 'Main' concern, How to get 'Targeted' traffic?

Well here i can't share my every traffic resource but here are some proven sites:-

1) Get instant traffic from ebay. As we all know that 90% of ebay user's (buyers) type there want's in ebay search and ebay shows them relevant results. SO you can make ebay account and list 10-20 auctions a day in ebay Classifieds and you can simply copy/paste your sales page in it with order button. You can expect to get upto 5% conversions from ebay.

2) LeadsLeap:- i have advertised on LeadsLeap and get 2-3% conversion and broke even with them but REMEMBER, we are dealing in 'recurring income' site so you will get paid month-by-month for single sale.

3) ViralURL:- HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, it can drop some good traffic on your website which really converts.

4) DONT USE ADWORDS:- Personally, i am not able to make decent revenue from adwords in membership sites concept. I personally realized that google visitors DO NOT BUY for recurring kind of products.

Using the 3 traffic sources above you can expect to get 50-60 unique visitors a day and of course 2-3 sales but when you start making money you can buy lot of traffic from different sources.

What should i charge my subscribers?

Always put 2 options in front of your membership site visitors like Gold membership and Silver membership, one with low charge (paid on monthly basis) and another one is ONE TIME payment. For example keep solver membership for $7/month and Gold for $47 one time. Very strange to see that 70% of your buyers will go for ONE TIME PAYMENT.
Always end you price with '7' , i don't know why but this results in more sales.

So my total income comprises of :-

10%- BH method (but NOT FRAUD)
20%- eBay ebooks Business (with backend offers on CD)
20%- ClickBank product (my own ebook)
50%- Membership site income (recurring and fill my paypal account every month )

Now, i am sure most of the members may know all this but what i have shared is something what i am doing and will do for rest of my life. This works and ONLY this can let you drop your 9-5 HELL!

All this can give you your 'Guide Map' for the year of 2010. It's NOW or NEVER.

Guys, there's LOT of money out there and you have lot of time to try different stuff HOWEVER first, make your base strong by opening your white hat business because it will always give you money for your other activities'

One more thing i didn't do proof read, so there may be hell lot of errors. Sorry for that.

Tired of writing, Love you all!

And wish you a very happy and prosperous new year (still some time left)!


P.s:- Still working on my English ... give me some more time ..
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