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Mind of a Trader

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Posted 17th January 2010 at 02:54 PM by Cataclysm1987

Hey everyone, and welcome to the Taming the Markets blog. My name’s Eric and I’m a part time trader. This blog represents a journey through the haze of the markets to develop trading skills and create wealth and prosperity, without the need for a boss or a job. My goal in life is to avoid those things at all costs, without exception.
It’s a pretty scary environment out there today. What’s most disturbing to me in the financial markets isn’t that people are trading poorly or investing without education, it’s that the 90’s have created a generation of slow to change money managers and investors who never seem to see a ceiling over their heads. It’s an expensive mentality that leaves you sitting blind when the markets take a turn for the worse. I think Sir John Templeton said it a lot better than I could:
“The four most expensive words in the English language are ‘this time it’s different’.”
In 2008 we all sat by the TV and watched as thousands of working families 401k’s were turned into 201k’s and pension plans were turned into social security. It inevitably led us into the recession economy of 2009 where no one had any chance to find a job or get a decent line of credit. The market ran away from the ones vested in it, and when the bubble finally burst, people panicked and watched their life savings and investments melt down overnight.
I’m like a lot of you in that I’m tired of handing my prosperity and financial security over to someone else. I can’t stand the thought of losing the amount of money millions of americans lost after this most recent crash, and to fight back, I’ve committed myself to education myself and others around me about the financial markets. This blog is the beginnning of my journey out of that very same rat race. I will not allow myself to become a victim of the inevitability of change.
“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.”
-Charles Darwin
So if you’re like me and so many traders in the world, if you can’t stand the thought of starting over again or are burnt out on the creeping dread of financial slavery, if you need a place to vent or some advice to help get you motivated, then make yourself right at home and let’s weather the storm, together.

For more blog posts and articles like this, feel free to check out my blog and trading website at tamingthemarkets.com
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