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Tesla Vs Edison

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Posted 22nd December 2016 at 12:23 PM by Catalyst13 Publishing
Updated 22nd December 2016 at 12:31 PM by Catalyst13 Publishing (Add URL)

Today I want to talk about Tesla and Edison, no it isn't about who invented electricity. Which is kind of a silly concept as the occurrence we refer to as electricity has always been around. Of course this is easy to say as a modern human being, I am sure it was quite miraculous to see the inventions come to life as they where occurring.

No, what I speak of is the method each men used. Tesla's by all accounts, even Edison's, was a bonafide genius. The draw back to this genius was that he worked a lot of the time solitary designing everything in his mind. With no application until he had convinced himself there where no flaws in the design.

Edison on the other hand was a very much a throw things against the wall and see if they will stick type of guy. The result is that we recognize Edison's contribution and designed objects way more then we do Tesla's. The other major difference is Edison designed with the end goal of commerce ;where as Tesla approach was to have a lasting benefit to humanity. In the view of modern day history this made Edison the more successful and well known of the two.

So how does all that correlate to us entrepreneurs of today? Simple! Make something, even if the initial attempt does not meet the desired result, evaluate and improve! Many people I know go the excuse route of finding flaws within themselves or the product. I have struggled with this trap as I am sure many of you have. The way through it is action, even if it is not what you considered a success every step moves you towards that goal.

Second, approach things with the idea of how this will not only help someone but how it will help you?! I have heard it said to save the world one must first secure themselves. My understanding of that is to lay a foundation that will provide for you and allow you to take what ever action you believe the path to salvation follows.

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