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Way too much work to do...

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Posted 6th July 2010 at 09:04 PM by CDarklock

I'm eight days behind on a product launch.

I have a new product launch scheduled for next week.

I have two more scheduled for next month.

About 50,000 words of freelance writing.

And on top of it all, I need to get my crap together and move out of my parents' basement by the end of next week. (Not an ultimatum - my own deadline. I refuse to be here an entire seven months.)

So the ritual begins. Whenever I have too much work, I have a ritual I go through to get me into the right mindset.

I make some sort of rice and meat dish. Tonight it's New Orleans style smothered chicken.

I stick a Five Hour Energy Extra in the fridge, for when my energy starts to wane.

I grab a twelve pack of Coke.

And I get a bottle of Sailor Jerry's rum.

And once dinner's ready, I basically eat, get hammered, and start cranking stuff out.

It may not be the most healthy ritual, but it works.
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    ingeniousaffiliate's Avatar
    Rum? Man I cant even sit straight let alone type with the pirate's milk in me. Do you add music?

    A little Stoli and Zeppelin is how I focus, I might throw in some Melvins if I get too tired.
    Posted 7th July 2010 at 05:41 AM by ingeniousaffiliate ingeniousaffiliate is offline

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