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Brain + hard work = rank 1.

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Posted 4th July 2012 at 04:41 AM by Charanjit

Once you understand that fact, everything else becomes a lot easier, no one is going to give you, your one click rank at spot 1 for $10 in a wso. So stop buying the snake oil and wake up. If some one approached you in the street and offered you the next big money maker for $10 would you give them the money? if yes then you have more problems than I do (disclaimer coca cola was originally sold for 30 cent as a secret cough medicine lol). Whats the point of this post, is to send you in the right direction.

Most of you want to know how the big time money makers get their sites to rank so fast, quite easy most own their own private blog networks. How do you go about starting your own blog network.

Easy- buy one domain / get hosting, install joomla or word press and your off. Then the hard work starts, write or buy good content, have it indexed on your site first then push for article syndication, build around 50 2.0 back links to that page, then have all your other back links point at the 2.0 sites.

This is the easier method, the more detailed method involves 5 main blogs and
50 - 250 free hosted blogs.

so let me right it in simple english.

tier 1 - money site

tier 2 - 5 blogs all hosted on different c class servers (4 x wordpress and 1 joomla, reason being I only do seo for two sites, so the word press sites are only two pages each i.e travel and cooking articles )

tier 3 - 50 x 5 free hosted blogs all on different c class servers, these point to
tier 1 and tier 2 at a ratio of 1/10 (depends on how old the money site is)

tier 4 - 50 x 2.0 sites for each tier 1,2,3 site (this all depends on how old the money site is), automate this stage (I use magic submitter)

tier 5 - these links only go to tier 4 as most are seen as junk and high authority sites will get more juice for these spam links.

very important- tier 2,3,4,5 ancor should be natural i.e site, home, blog, my site etc. All anchors to money site should be natural with 50% being keyword heavy i.e taxis walsall, walsall taxis, taxi numbers walsall, walsall taxi numbers, taxis in walsall , (5 natural looking) i.e home, website, blog, site, blogs,

now you going to have people mention private blogs don't work, i.e refereeing to bmr, aln and uaw , wrong wrong wrong. They did work, and fact remains if they were still alive they would still work now.

This is a long term plan, it will take around 6 months to get tier 2 to a decent pr rank. I would suggest start with 5 blogs, and depending on need, add 5 every month to a maximum of 100, why a maximum of 100, this is the ideal amount.

Once you build this amount up you find other guys with the same amount to do random posting to give your money site more ip diversion.
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