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-Virtual Assistantship-the BEST way to make money online

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Posted 11th January 2011 at 07:45 AM by chrisbiz

The best way to start making money online is to become a Virtual Assistant.

Many will agree and for sure, many will also be very wary about my statement.

People that will possibly agree, are those who not have the necessary skills and knowledge yet, but willing to learn and while learning don't have the resources yet to start with, and also needed a more consistent income.

And the people that most probably will not agree with me are those successful marketers hiring Virtual Assistants. Its been always a worry for many marketers hiring Virtual Assistants that their VA will steal their ideas, steal their business plan etc.

Is this something applicable to all my fellow warriors? Let me hear you.

These are the factors that helped me decide which route to take making money from home.
Let me know what you think if it does make sense.

-I'm not sure if many of you here will agree with me, when I say that still, geographical location is still a big factor to make it big online. People from the US, UK and Canada, I think are the most privilege ones in terms of geographical location. You guys have definitely the advantage over people from other locations in terms of the business opportunities, offers, and the market, unlike in my case, I'm here in the Philippines, yes, we do have something in here but very limited.

-As someone just starting online, as much as I want to start my own consulting services to offline businesses, its possible but would be very, very difficult, local business owners cant afford it, and those who can afford it, will surely be those who have in-house online specialists to do the online stuffs for them.

-Also, as much as I want to compete online, do affiliate marketing, cpa marketing, blogging etc. Yes, these may be something that I can do, and I can do well, however, for a person like me, who don't have an option but stay at home, and find ways to earn from home(since I really dont have any other option but to stay at home) this is something that I cant fully rely on. These can be beneficial in the long run but to have something immediate to support our daily needs is highly preferred.

Doing business online, as we all know, requires the skills and knowledge, hard work and commitment, time and dedication. This is something that you'll reap the rewards in the future. In saying that, doing IM will still be something that can be done on the side while holding a VA post.

So why I have decided to offer my own services though I have the skills and knowledge, instead of establishing my own business?

because of the...


of course... consistent income that I will be able to gain during my time as a VA

I know that everyone knows the importance of these factors in our business and in our lives in general.

I don't know any online course or coaching program available out there that you can have these kind of benefits. Its only through becoming and experiencing being a Virtual Assistant you will be able to acquire these things.

Do you think, its indeed the BEST way to start online? Let's all decide.

The question now is that how long am I willing to become a VA?
-Its how long my employer wants me too, you know the standard of living here in the Philippines is low cost, he/she might be able to sustain and afford it, but kidding aside, why would you leave someone and the business that you've been part of and worked hard for. For sure many would say that we must always aspire for more, which is true, but to what extent? Please enlighten me about it.

I'm sure we all cant agree on this line of thought but your feedback will be truly appreciate.

One side note, how would you guys view and treat your Virtual Assistants?

For some reasons, many of our fellow marketers seems to look down so much to Virtual Assistants. This is based on my personal experience, that I knew people for quite some time, and we've been talking about business then, and even approached me before for some assistance, they've learned that I'm offering VA services myself, to my surprise it seems that they're dealing with a different person. They are so cold, snobbish etc, its basically not like the old days, those days they consider me as an Internet Marketer

Is doing VA services a degrading job/business?

Does VAs being dealt accordingly?

Finally, Cant we not consider that doing VA services a business? Just like any methods we do to earn online?

Thanks for reading.

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    Originally Posted by alliance View Comment
    Nice Post.
    Thanks for the time reading. I truly appreciate it.
    Posted 12th January 2011 at 04:18 PM by chrisbiz chrisbiz is offline

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