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There is NO "The Way" Golf Swing only a "Your Way" Golf Swing

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Posted 14th October 2008 at 05:15 AM by Chuck Evans

Most golfers will almost buy into anything that they think may improve their game no matter how ludicrous it may be. We are all looking to play better golf, hit more consistent shots, make more putts, and the search for this elusive "Holy Grail" will never end. The purpose of this article is to address the question of, "Is there a swing that will and can fit everyone?" The resounding answer is "NO!" and the following is the logical reasoning of why there is no such thing as a "one swing fits all" model.

Example, do you really think that someone like Craig Stadler can move his body and club like someone as flexible as Camilo Villegas, absolutely NOT! Yet the golfing public so desperately wants to find the "secret" that they will buy into this.

I personally feel sorry for the golfing world. We, at the Medicus Golf Institute, have spent our entire careers helping golfers play better and without trying to stick every player into some type of mold. We take what their tendencies are, show them options, and then let them decide which variation is the easiest for them to replicate.

I can remember growing up as a young player when we all wanted to swing like Ben Hogan. The truth is that to duplicate anyone else, you would need several factors.

1. Be built like the player
2. Have the same flexibility as the player
3. Have the same mindset as the player

Without all of the above characteristics you will never be able to duplicate their swing. Sure, to the untrained eye it may appear to look a alike - or close - but the pure mechanics would not match up.

Several years ago I approached IBM and MIT with an idea. I wanted to develop a "Virtual Reality" that would place sensors on the body. These sensors would not only provide data about the flexibility of the player but would also send stimuli to the body for movement.

In the "helmet" there would be a viewing visor - or screen - that the player would see whomever they were trying to emulate. As the "model" moved the body sensors would activate and move the player along with the model.

IBM and MIT both told me that my idea was way beyond the available technology. Here we are years later and we still do not have the ability to build such a machine.

Humans are not perfect, so to try and build a perfect golf stroke is unattainable. The only way to actually build a perfect model is to use mechanical devices such as Iron Byron. But even this machine has it limitations. Remember it was based on Byron Nelson's swing and not perfect swing mechanics.

Do yourself a favor and find an instructor that will help you attain your goals while using what you are capable of impact separation, a straight plane line, and can monitor/feel the sweetspot against your forefinger you can do virtually anything else you want to do.

Chuck Evans is one of only 31 teachers worldwide designated to hold a "Doctorate in Golf Stroke Engineering." He is Executive Director of Instruction for Chuck Evans Golf and Medicus Golf and has served as director of schools for the PGA Tour Golf Academy, the director of instruction for the United States Golf Institute and The Golfing Machine. He can be reached at
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