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Choosing a programming language – should it

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Posted 14th June 2010 at 02:48 AM by Citigo Sales
Updated 14th June 2010 at 03:58 AM by Citigo Sales (gramma mistake)

Either a desktop or web application, there are more than one choice of programming languages can be used to develop it. I am not going to tell you a language is the best, because it can create an endless discussion, which finally leads to nowhere. The fact is all those languages, php,, java, c++, etc.; all of them exist for particular reasons. What I am going to say is about some advantages technology. It first based on my very old research, at the time I wanted to learn a programming language for develop my own website. You may find my post useful for the same purpose as well. Another part comes from my recent experience in the programming field. Well, please expect that I will not cover things in deep, because I am not work in technical but sales department. or .net framework is Microsoft technology. Some of the advantages:

- It offers a rich programming library that helps you to write less code.

- The Visual Studio .Net is really a powerful too. I don’t think PHP ever has anything like that.

- It has web form and web controls, when you create a webpage you can drag those controls on to the surface and then .net framework will generate the Html code for you. That is certainly save your time. Before 3.5, this web form approach is the only common way to create website with .net. However, now there are two ways to develop a website by, either by web form or .net MVC. Generally (I don’t want to go too deep into technical), web form is best fit for small websites but difficult to test, and to follow design patterns. MVC developed lately for solving that problem. It might take more time to build up an application as first, but it enable the capability for coders to follow design patterns, automated tests, which save a lot of time from debugging or extending functions.

- .Net Framework supports you to programming on many different languages such as C#,, J#, C++. However, only the first two, C# and is fully supported. So if you move to .net from another language, you can still use that language with .Net but will not find suitable example in document sometime. Also, so far as I know, a namespaces like System.CodeDom, used to dynamically generate source code to other languages, will not fully supported other languages than and C# (You still can use the namespaces, but have to make yourself a CodeDomProvider class for your specific languages)

- There are some more considerations if you in someway involve with deploying the application. Either it happens on a desktop machine or remote server, .net application requires windows environment. If your application uses a database, it usually a database of Ms SQL server of Microsoft Access. Those programs can cost really an amount, in comparison with the same open source stuff of other languages such as php or java.

My conclusion is, .net is certainly a powerful technology that could help you to build applications efficiently. However, it can cost. It is your decision now. If you ever need a .net professional team, please contact me at, or visit our .net developers as Their deep knowledge and experience certainly can solve any problem, as it has been proven in many big applications.
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