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Benefits and advantages of Microsoft .net framework

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Posted 30th June 2010 at 04:29 AM by Citigo Sales

The .Net framework marked a breaking change to Microsoft Technology. Unlike the classic asp, .net framework does not support a single language, but provide an environment for different languages such as C#, Vb.net, J#, C++. From that unique feature, .net framework gets its advantages of:
- Interoperability: Now developers of different languages can work easily together on the same project. While the code can be in any of the .net supported languages, it can be compile in to assemblies, then to be accessed easily from other languages.
- No matter what language a developer uses, the result is achieved through the same runtime library that guarantees its unification.
The .net framework offers developers a powerful class library. It empowers developers write less code while not negotiate the application’s security, performance and functions. For web development, .net framework has overcome the obstacle of the stateless internet by introducing web server controls. Web developers can work with those controls much likely to windows controls, liberate them from writing Html and JavaScript. The framework also provides developers simple deployment tools that help application deployment become easier than ever. Developers now can spend more time in solving logical issues, instead of struggling with the difficulty and limitation of the language itself.
With all of it advantages, .net framework has proven itself to be a powerful technology that could met the requirement of modern software development.
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